Saturday, January 19, 2008

We are alive and kickin'

WOW! It's been a month and a half since I last posted! So much has happened since then. We moved!! We finally have a home of our own, the reason I have not posted! We love our home soooo much, but we call it the money pit. If you have seen the movie you know that as soon as they get something fixed, something else falls apart. We have had such a struggle with this house and even though we live in it now, it is not complete and everyday we seem to find something else that is not working. Don't get me wrong we are sooooo greatful to be where we are and to have our beautiful home. Dustin and I just joke and wonder if it will ever be finished. Hence, the not posting and the no internet at our home. We found out two weeks ago that the conduit that is supposed to help run the phone and internet wires to our house is crushed, no wires can come through. So who knows when that will get fixed and when we will have a phone and internet hook up. Hopefully soon so I can get to posting regularly again. Oh, do I miss it! I have so many things to share and pictures to post. And guess what, Our little Embry girl is walking! Yep, she just got up and took off the 23rd of December. She's a pro now and rarely falls, unless she is overly tired. Well I know I am rambling, trying to get to much in one post. I'll post more soon, I hope, and add some pictures!