Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Becoming more domestic...well trying anyway

So I finally did it!!!! After 11 years of being married to a man that loves homemade bread!

I've always wanted to learn to bake bread. I would love to be good enough that I could bake it once a week and not have to buy it from the store. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I don't like to fail. I tried a loaf when we first got married and it was a disaster. So, I finally got up the courage to do it again, fail or not I was gonna try! I love my MIL's bread and used her recipe.

I think I did a pretty good job. My home smelled so yummy! My family actually ate it and liked it! It wasn't as good as my MIL's, not even close, but it wasn't a failure. Hers is delectably delicious, by the way! I didn't get any complaints and it can only get better from here, right?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maybe one day...

So, my sisters and I want to start an invitation/card making/etc. business. My SIL Lachae knows this and likes to give us lots of practice. So here is our latest creation. I thought it was pretty cute. Lachae came up with the basic idea (which I thought was adorable) and Tamra and I ran with it! Whatcha think?

The bird catcher

The other day Brock came into the computer room with this dove! I guess it got stuck in the garage and he took it upon himself to get it out! Later that night I went outside and he had another one in his hands. He must have a way with animals. Luckily he's smart enough to put the gloves on. Crazy boy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

30 weeks

10 weeks to go, will the baby wait that long, we don't know. That was a silly rhyme, I know, I'm in a silly mood. Not much has changed, just my ever growing bum... oh and belly! She's a lot more active lately, a lot of big moves across my belly. This is the fun part when you can feel a heal or head or bum and actually see the movement on the outside. I'm still able to run at the gym, she doesn't complain much, it seems to lull her to sleep, she starts moving as soon as I'm done. We're movin' right along.
Dustin and I are trying to finish up Kenley and Embry's rooms so that we can move on to the baby's, gotta get it done before she gets here. I can't wait to post pictures of the girls rooms, but I don't wanna until they are completely done.
And look at these two...

They love to snuggle on the couch next to each other. We a have a huge couch but they want to sit right next to each other. Sweet little buddies. When Brody goes to school little E always asks "Mama, where Brody? He at school?" or "Brody coming home?" She loves her brother!

Will our garden grow...

Thanks to my FIL our little family was able to experience planting a garden. He had 1/2 an acre plowed and we got busy making rows. It was a lot of work but all the kiddos helped in their own way. It was fun to have everyone out there working together. We also had some family friends, Travis and his two little boys Harley and Ryker, those boys are some good little workers. It will be fun to see how our garden grows. I can't wait to show the kids the little sprouts, the fruits of our labor. Thanks grandpa for a really fun Saturday, and showing the kiddos how to work.

Mikki, Kenley, Maija

Grandma Johnson

Heather, Travis, Eric

Me and baby Johnson

Harley, Ryker


Mikki, Brody, Maija

Caden, Harley, Brock, good team work boys

Little Em

Tenay and Walker (even the twins did their part)

The man behind it all

Travis and Harley

Brody, Embry, Jehryn

Grandpa Johnson and Dustin

And finally we get to plant...Tenay and little E

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Patriotic in February

Kenley's school had a Patriotic Performance with all the second grade classes. It was so fun to hear her sing all the songs she had been practicing for a month. She had me paint her nails red so she could be patriotic (her words) and she put a red flower in her hair.

After, we went out to eat. She got her favorite, white spaghetti (fettuccine alfredo). Good job Kenley, you looked so cute up there!

Valentines Day

K, so I'm a little behind on my posting and really out of order, but as long as I get them done that's all that counts right?

Dustin and I got to go on a date for Valentines, that doesn't happen very often. Most of the time all the baby sitters are taken or on their own dates. We went to the concert that his office holds every year on Valentines day. We had fun just being out together, not to say that the concert was all that great, but fun anyway. Our real Valentines was going the next weekend to a resort in Scottsdale. Dustin got a trip from work and our stay was completely covered. We got a couples massage, had our bed made and turned down for us everyday, ordered room service, ate at the Yard House (so yummy) and just got to relax.

Yummy room service, Creme Brulee on Cheesecake, could it get any better?

Thanks to Dustin's parents who watched our little ones so we could have one last getaway before the baby is born!

One of my favorites about Valentines Day, yummy double peanut butter Reese's Hearts. Can you tell it's all about food with me lately? To bad I told myself I wasn't going to eat any of it. I was tempted to buy a peanut butter heart for myself and save it until after the baby was born... I resisted. I nibbled on Embry's cheeks instead!

Pinewood Derby

A couple weekends ago Brock had pinewood derby. Him and his dad designed a pretty cool car, in fact he got the award for "Coolest Design". They had a little bump in the road when the car was disqualified for something having to do with the wheels. Dustin got that all fixed and he was able to race. Although he was disapointed that the new wheels made the car slower, Brock tied for 5th place! Good job Buddy (and Dustin, cause you know the dads get more into it than the boys). Maybe next year, huh?

Brock's cousin Caden got 1st place, way to go! We were so excited for him. His car seemed to fly down that track.

It was a fun time!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

gifts, gifts and more gifts

This year Dustin's birthday was on a fast Sunday, that makes things a little difficult. No breakfast in bed, no date on the actual birthday, etc. So Saturday morning he got his breakfast, homemade cinnamon rolls (in the shape of hearts). Yep I made them, with the help of my wonderful VT's, thanks guys for teaching me how! I DID have one, they were delicious!

That night Dustin and I went to eat at The Keg, good but very over priced, in my opinion. And because he was so frustrated about cutting crown moulding for the girls rooms from earlier in the day, we went to buy him a saw of his very own that could cut it perfectly, we hope! He was like a kid in a candy store, so excited to get his first really big power tool.

The kids love to make their own homemade cards. They each made a special one for their dad's birthday.

Sunday morning we gave him the actual gift, the kids got to wheel it in. He's wanted an air compressor since we've moved in. So he got really big power tool #2.

Hope you liked your gifts honey, a little spoiled, don'tcha think?

They say it's your Birthday...

We hope you know how much your family loves you...

I asked the kiddos what their favorite thing about their daddy was and this is what they said:

* Brody's favorite was you teaching him to ride his bike and when you play his drums
* Brock's favorite is when you play with him and take him hunting
* Kenley's favorite thing about you is that you are funny (I'd have to agree)
* Embry's favorite is "daddy's being nice" (exact words)

They all love you so much! I love that Brody followed you all around while you were working today and that Embry lights up the moment she sees you. That Brock thinks that you are the coolest dad ever and wants you to be around his friends and that Kenley loves your humor and gets upset if you don't come in her room to tuck her in bed (well they all do that). You are so great at treating each child like they are important. What a great DAD! Your hunting notes are the greatest, we all look forward to them, a piece of you left with us until you get home. Your thoughtful and caring ways really make my day. I know that I caught a great one, thanks for being born honey!!


to the man I love!