Monday, November 23, 2009

Haddie G age 6 months

I know I say this every month...

WOW, the time sure does fly...

She had her first solid food today, rice cereal. She grabbed the spoon and shoved it in her mouth, I think she's ready to EAT! Got her first cold and may be teething, so she's not to happy on her 1/2 birthday. Jabbers all the time and is rolling all over the place. She practices sitting up and is getting quite good at it, I'm still afraid to walk away and leave her thought cause she still topples over. She no longer gets swaddled, at 5 1/2 months she decided she would have no more of that! Still sucks her thumb occasionally but also takes the "NaNa". She learned to put the "NaNa" in her mouth so that distracts her from the thumb sucking, Yea! She started to lay her head on our shoulders and cuddle, we all LOVE it. My favorite time is when I'm putting her to bed at night, singing her song to her and she puts her head on my shoulder. That's why I blog about it...

Don't ever want to forget the little things, that are really the big things!

Yum! that food looks delicious Let me help
Oh, so that's what it tastes like, not so sure I like it

all done

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Little E!

Our little E had a birthday today!

I remember the day she was born so clearly

Her labor progressed so quickly there was not time for an epidural

Lucky for me she came fast

Here she is, a few hours old

A few days old

One year old

Two years old
The years have gone so fast, I wish I could rewind and start again

At the same time I look forward to watching you grow even bigger


The day started with breakfast in bed

She wasn't to happy about being woke up with "Happy Birthday to YOU"

As soon as she saw the presents we saw that smile again

She, however, did not want to eat her breakfast in bed and insisted we go to the table to eat and open presents

After church we had all our family over to celebrate
Dinner, cake, ice cream and presents
We know how to do it right
The first round of blowing out the candles wasn't quite what she thought it would be, her sweet cousin Bryce, that she absolutely adores, was quicker on the draw. So we re-lit and tried again, she got 'em.

Thank you everyone who came, she loved all her gifts

Dear Little E,

You have grown so much this year! You love to ride bikes, you learned how to pedal the princess tricycle and are all over the driveway. You still love puzzles and added two more to your collection this birthday. Some other things you love are babies, shoes, dressing your self, cheese sticks, juice, pizza, cheese sandwiches, chips, dress up (you are always in a princess dress), jumping on the trampoline, playing outside, backpacks, new clothes, necklaces, bracelets, Dora, Max and Ruby, bouncy balls, the list could go on and on. We love you Little E. Our home would not be as fun without you! We all love how you talk and your Embryisms, you always put a smile on our faces. I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for trusting me to raise you, you are such a special little girl!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love that Mr. BD

I was checking some email the other day and Mr. BD came up behind me and started singin'

"One eyed, one horned, flyin' purple people eater,
one eyed, one horned, flyin' purple people eater,
one eyed, one horned, flyin' purple people eater,
sure looks good to me!"

I turned around and this is what I saw...

He had been in the same room with me for quite sometime quietly playing, or so I thought... he was really quietly crafting!

This kid makes me smile daily, I LOVE IT!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Latest Embryism

"My tired can't get out because my mouth is closed" = I can't yawn and show you I'm tired, so I'm gonna hold my mouth shut really tight

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Deer Hunt

Well BH went on his first deer hunt and HE GOT ONE!  The little buddy was so excited he could hardly stand it!  D was beaming also!  I heard it was freezing cold, these boys will go hunting no matter what!  And now that he's 10 he gets to go on all the hunts, what more could a boy want?

Way to go BH, you done good!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who's your Daddy?

Saturday, November 7th 2009

Activity Day Daddy Daughter Date "Western Style"

Also the Second Day of Brock's first ever deer hunt, 5 hours away

A Father torn in two directions

What to do?

Well Kenley knew, she asked the greatest Uncle ever to go with her.

When she found out that her dad wasn't able to make it she was really sad. She said to me, "I guess if daddy can't go and Mikki (her cousin) is asking Grandpa Johnson, I could see if Clayton would take me"

Kenley came home beaming! She had a blast. She's such a lucky girl, with handfuls of Uncles and another Grandpa to choose from, she could not have gone wrong. But I think she knew that this was the perfect date for her and Clayton, her "Cowboy Uncle".

And look at what a gentleman he is!

Thank You Clayton for being daddy for the night! We love YOU!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Our Little E says the funniest things

We've started calling them Embryisms

Here's a few

"Marshmellow hot one" = hot chocolate

"It's a lighted day" = it's light out side

"It's a darky day" = it's dark out side

"A man" = Amen

"It's a mad show" = a scary show (pretty much any show that has a villian, which is every disney movie)

"I'n getting busy" = I'm getting dizzy

"Someday soons" = someday soon

"I'n gonna get my dressed on" = I'm gonna get my clothes on

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ode to Brod...

Happy #6 my little man

Oh, little Brod, I can't believe how big you've grown right before my eyes! This year was a party year and since your birthday was on Sunday we had your party the Friday before. Since it was before Halloween this year we got to do fun Halloween activities. We painted pumpkins, made Halloween masks, jumped on the bouncy slide, hit the pinata (like you kiddos needed any candy the day before Halloween) and had cake and ice cream.

Things Mr. B loves:

Lego's (still, probably always will)
Well lets face it, pretty much any toy he sees in the toy isle.

His favorites

food - chicken strips
drink - water
treat - finish chocolate bar
color - green

riding bikes outside
playing at the park
jumping on the trampoline
playing Super Mario Bros on the DS
learning to play the piano
singing (the kid is ALWAYS singing something, today it's one eye one horned flyin' purple people eater)
and just being a kid, he has a great imagination and often can be found playing in his room with his toys by himself quietly

Birthday breakfast in bed

Party Time
The Loot

My dear little Mr. B,

I remember when you were three and we used to go to the gym together and you would go in the play area and say have fun mom. We were best buddies, it was just you and I when the older kiddos were at school. Now you are gone half the day and when you get home you have two sisters to share mama's attention with. That's what happens when you grow up, now I have to share you. You are such a sweet boy, always concerned that everyone is happy and so willing to help. You have so many friends, people are drawn to you. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to me, and trusted that I would raise you to full fill your potential. It brings mixed emotions for me to see you grow up. I'm excited and sad to see my baby boy become a big boy. I hope you'll always be my little boy even when you're big. I LOVE YOU Mr. B!