Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My cousin Crys and her husband Zach lost their sweet little girl Alexa this morning. She was diagnosed with cancer at about 18months and has been fighting since then. This morning she went to her Heavenly Father. I only met her twice, but those times are etched in my mind and I will never forget her sweet smile. She loved princesses and dressing up, her new thing was being "fancy". Thank you to her parents Crys and Zach for allowing us to get to know her through their CaringBridge site, please check it out your heart will be touched.
I couldn't help but smile when I saw this picture on my cousin's blog this morning, maybe it will give you a little glimpse of her sweetness. I hope it's okay that I borrowed it Colleen.
We love you Alexa, you will be missed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ohhhh...To be a kid again!

Don't Ya Just Love It?

Celebrating with Dad

The kids had so much fun making cards and pictures for their Daddy for Father's day. We woke him up with Breakfast in Bed singing "Happy Father's Day to You" a tradition in our family for Birthdays and Mother & Father's Day. They all piled on the bed and just enjoyed spending the morning with Dad! Embry even benefited from Breakfast in Bed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mr. Fix it, Mr. Joker, Mr. Loving... That's our Dad!

What a wonderful father you are Dustin!
Thank you for all you do!
We love you!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

While Away...

While we were away in Rocky Point and then in Costa Rica our kids kept in touch through email. I don't ever want to forget the sweet things they said to us...

When in Rocky Point we got an email from Tenay (kept Brock and Brody for us)

I wanted to let you know that all is going really well here, and we are having fun! your boys have been angels, and there has been no problems. Brock had a rough first night because he missed you. After I put him to bed I heard little sniffles, and found him crying. So I told him that you missed him too, just as much if not more, and that you would be home soon... and of course lots of hugs. Since then he has not cried, and seems to be having fun, although i know he still misses you. Brody has been so much fun... I just love having him here. Danni and him are getting along really well. I am just waiting for the first fight or meltdown, that I am sure will happen sometime, he he. Danni and Brody even take naps together, in different beds randomly in the house. I tell them that if they talk then they can't nap together, and it actually works. They will not make a peep. The other day they were running around the house talking like robots. That was funny. The first night I told your boys that they could sleep anywhere they wanted to in the whole house... I thought Brock would sleep with Caden and Brody with Danni. But they quickly decided that they wanted to be together in the guest bedroom. I thought it was cute. They are behaving wonderfully, eating well (no complaints about veggies... at least not from your kids... lol), and we are having fun. I hope you are having a good time too. You will have to share all your stories with us when you get home. Have a fun last coupe days!!!

Brock's email to us (i didn't change any grammar or spelling or punctuation):

Hi mom and dad, that storm you told me about must have been a bad one. That also stinks you can't call on your cell phones. Did you get in the water when the storm was going and it was really windy? Brody and me really miss you.
we hope you miss us to.I know you do. i can't explain how much i miss you.that's how much i miss you. i wish you could've takin me,brody,Kenley,and Embry. i've been having a lot of fun at Mikki and cadens house but if you were here it would be better. i've had no storms at Mikki and Caden's but i know you have had at least one you've told me about. i've had no homework accept making a wordsearch for spelling, a.r (like usual),and nothing else.right now as i'm writing this leter aunt Tenay is making me and Brody love you and want you to come back. Brody picked out his sport and insturment.His sport was football and his insurment was drums. Wow! i never thought he would pick a insturment and a sport.That sure did take him a long time.Brody really want's to see you and so do i. we are praying for you to come home safely.we really hope you do! are you having fun at Rockypoint?And everything is going i said me and Brody are having fun a Mikki and Caden't house but it would be better with you here.Sorry it took so long to reply the email you sent me. I had to go to bed right after reading the letter you sent me and brody and it took me a wile to right the I started wrighting the letter at night. I wish you could come back early not that I want you guys to stop having fun together jut that I miss you.have you found any sand dollars or any sandcrabs or anything like that? I've went back over to the house every day exept once(i forgot oops) to feed and play with Tatum. Brody asked just now."can a mouse jump as high as a crocodile?" i said "i don't know." Brodys and Brody love you soo much that i can't say how much.

Brock and brody

Tamra's email to us while we were in Costa Rica:

Mommy, Me and Brody have a dance to show you when you get back. I hope you and dad are safe. I hope the volcano does not erupt. We really miss you very very very much. We all love you so much.
Love, Kenley

I hope you are safe and hope it will be fun. On Webkinz I bought my lizard a lot of stuff. And me and Kenley were giving each other gifts like crazy.
Love, Brock

I love you mommy and daddy. I got to eat cheesecake. Me and Kenley are going to do a dance.
Love, Brody

Just so you know, all of these were written exactly as you kids told me what they wanted to say. They are adorable and SO well behaved. EASY CHEESY! Hope you're having fun.
Love Ya!
P.S. Embry is already in bed, but I'm sure she'd have something so cute to say. We'll get her next time.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Dustin and I just got back from the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Wow... that place is beautiful. I don't think I've seen so many green trees and plants in my life. The view from our room was amazing. We landed in Costa Rica at about 6:30pm and after customs and the two hour bus ride to the resort we arrived. On the way to our room I looked over the balcony to see what was below and a frog just about jumped on my face. The clock in the room said it was 10:45pm (or so we thought) so we unloaded our stuff and headed to the restaurant before it closed. After dinner we walked around the pool to check out our surroundings. We were walking along and a kudimundi ran in front of us! Dustin just about burst with excitement. We spent a good half hour chasing that thing around the pool area. We returned to our room at about 12:30 (or so we thought) exhausted and ready for bed.

Dustin's sister Karrisa and her husband Kurtis came to Costa Rica also, the next day we met up with them and went to the city of Jaco to eat and do some shopping. We ate at a restaurant that had huge delicious smoothies. There were kids dressed up dancing in the streets and playing music, fun to watch. On our way back to the resort it was getting late (or so we thought), Dustin and I were talking about how late we went to bed and that we didn't wake up until 10:30am. Come to find out, we had been a whole two hours ahead of the real time, our alarm clock in the room was set two hours ahead. Luckily it was ahead and not behind.

Every night we went somewhere else for dinner and ate something different. The food and desserts weren't all that great (a lot of fish and I'm not a fan). The virgin pina coloda's were very yummy though. And the nachos at the pool bar were probably the best food we had.

We went on two excursions, one a zip line tour through the rain forest. We saw a gigantic spider, a monkey, a waterfall, huge ants, iguanas and a great view. I highly recommend it, a feeling like none other, such a blast, by the end I completely let go of all the equipment and let the cables fly me through the air. The second excursion was a horse back ride through the rain forest, Dustin's dream of being a cowboy came true for two hours. We saw monkey's, beautiful plants and trees, cattle, lots of mud and at the end we stopped to eat lunch and had kudimundi eating from our hands, a highlight of our trip for sure. Oh, I almost forgot, we also saw crocodiles on our way to the airport to go home.

We enjoyed lazing by the pool and enjoying the weather, very humid though, not what we are used to, I would do my hair and it would be a frizball in an hour. It was nice to be with Dustin just him and I enjoying each other and feeling like we were kids again. Thanks for a great trip Dustin, all that hard work really pays off.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Brock had a great time at his party. We had a BBQ, cheesecake and homemade ice cream (thanks Grandma and Grandpa). The kids swam in the pool and we all enjoyed the nice weather. Hope you had a great day Brock!
What a fun Dad!

Yummy Cheesecake

I LOVE my Buddy

Can't wait to get his first deer

Friday, June 6, 2008

What an old man

Happy #9 Brocker Man!

It seems like just yesterday we brought you home. I know everyone says that, but it's so true! The time flys by so fast, before we know it you'll be driving, going on a mission, getting married,


You have really matured this last year, heck even this last week. We are so glad to know you Brock. Thanks for keeping us laughing, being a great big brother, helping around the house, for your smile, your hugs, and your wonderful spirit.

Some highlights from Brock's Birthday:

His dad made him a great breakfast, would have been in bed but he woke up to early

He got great gifts: poke'mon cards from Kenley and Brody, A webkins - ds game - and xbox 360 game from mom and dad, A rocket shooter and $5 from the Bowen boys and $20 from Nannie Grandpa and Clay (Thanks guys)

He also got to go swimming with some of his best friends Bridon and Danner and then play his new xbox game with them

Aunt Niki and Cousins Melanie and Lydia were able to come swimming also, Niki brought him his favorite slushy from Sonic (What a sweet Aunt)

Later this evening he gets to have a BBQ/Swim party at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house with all the Johnson family and get his last big gift from Mom and Dad, his first rifle. What a lucky boy, he can't wait to go hunting with his Dad when he turns 10, he'll be practicing his shot all year I'm sure!

We love you Brock, Hope you had a great Birthday!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baseball on Ice

This Monday for FHE we went to the park to play baseball. We had such a fun time, thanks for the idea Jordan. While we were playing baseball there was a family ice blocking down the hill. When they were finished they asked us if we wanted to use their ice block,
of course we did!
Dustin had to take his shirt off so we wouldn't freeze our bums on the ice, what a gentleman. We each took a turn or two down the hill, even Embry got to go with her Daddy. The weather was wonderful
and the company was great. Thanks for a fun night family.
The only baseball picture I got

Embry and Daddy





These two took off exploring to see what was over the hill, aren't they cute?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First dip in the pool

Memorial Weekend we took the long walk down the street to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's pool. It was a bit chilly and the kiddos didn't last too long, Dustin and I didn't even get in. Luckily nobody needed saving. Brock and Kenley picked up right where they left off and Brody just needed a minute and he was back to being a fish! That boy is a true fish, someone said that he seems to breath better under the water than above. Embry loved the water! She didn't care if it was cold, only that it was water. All of my sensitive eyed children insist on wearing goggles in the pool, they say they can't open their eyes in the water.

I thought this picture was so cute of them holding hands
Embry had to give the goggles a shot also.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Project after Project after Project...

This last weekend I had two baby showers to attend, one which I helped throw and was at my house. Both of which were for my cousins. One cousin having a boy and one having a girl. The best of both worlds. I got to make so many fun things and try to use the creative part of my brain, which to be honest hasn't been put to good use lately. I had so much fun and stayed up way too late! But it was sooooo worth it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hide and Seek

One night after bath we couldn't find Embry,
can you find her?