Friday, April 24, 2009

I made this

So, I can hardly believe it myself! I made this...

If you can't tell what it is, it's an infant car seat hood, canopy, etc. (i don't know what they're called)

So I saw it online and tried to order it, well they were out of stock and weren't ordering anymore. I was bummed, to say the least. Anyone that really knows me knows that when I get something in my head that I want, it's hard to change my mind. So I wouldn't settle for any other pattern, I had to have this one!

I knew that I wanted the seat cover to be black and the hood to be Damask. They had a black seat cover so I ordered that (not that ambitious right now) and figured I could make the hood. I bought the fabric, stewed over it for a month. Finally sat down with my sister for moral support and figured it out! I can't say it's perfect or even really good (please don't look too close), but I can say that I made it and for my first try it'll do just fine!

36 weeks

Well... it's the final countdown!!!
I'm tired
My patience is shot
My belly is big
My bum keeps getting bigger
I know I should relish this last month
But I keep thinking about all that I need to get done
so I take it one day at a time
That's a good plan, right?
Belly Shot

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She takes after her Mama

Now this is a girl after my own heart! I love puzzles, and as I have learned over the last few weeks, so does Little E. We have sat and put together puzzle after puzzle for the the last 14 days. Sometimes the same puzzle three or four times in a row.

Today as I was getting ready she came into my bathroom with this puzzle and said "Mama, help me with the puzzle". I said "okay as soon as I'm finished I will". I went about getting ready and when I turned around again she was almost done, ALL BY HERSELF! I was amazed and ran to get the camera. I didn't help her one bit and she did it!

Putting in the last piece!
She was so proud of herself, she said "Mama I did it all by myself"! I'm sad this picture is blurry, good thing you can still she her sweet smile!

Good job Little E! Before you know it we'll be workin' on 5000 pieces!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love my family!!!

I just wanna say THANK YOU! To my mom and sisters! They spent all weekend at my house helping me decorate the nursery! I was so much fun laughing and talking and working together. We always have so much fun working together! I love you guys! Here's a sneak peak at all the fun we had...

Stay tuned for nursery pictures...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tag...I'm it!

I've been tagged by Lorri. This is how it works... you go to your picture files and choose the fourth folder and the fourth picture. Then you post.

This was last year at one of Brock's basketball games. Little E fell in love with Nannie's glasses and wore them almost the entire time.

I tag:

Anyone else that wants to try, have fun, can't wait to see what you find!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter traditions...some old, some new

Our Easter started with the traditional egg dieing. The kiddos had fun mixing and matching colors and making all sorts of combinations. It is the first year that Little Em is old enough to understand whats going on and she was amazed at the egg turning colors. We got a dieing kit that had colored sand this year and the kids got very creative and made their eggs into dinosaur eggs. What a fun Easter tradition.

The Easter Bunny came to our house the night before Easter and hid all the eggs and brought the kids goodies for their baskets. They ran around the house looking for the golden egg that has money in it. The only one that would hold still enough for a picture was Little E. She didn't care what color the egg was only that she got an egg.

After the hunt Dustin took the kids out back to play baseball with the eggs. He has this thing about eating hard boiled eggs that have been died, he won't do it and doesn't like us to either. They had a blast taking turns swinging at the eggs.

After church we went to G&G Johnson's for dinner and some more huntin'. It was so fun to see the kids run around the yard picking up eggs as fast as they could. We had to have a big kid side and a little kid side so that the little kids would have a chance to get at least a few eggs. Those big kids have gotten fast!

Dustin's parents are the proud grandparents of 13 and counting... can you believe we got them all to look at the camera.

And who could resist a picture of this sweet face covered in watermelon, YUMMY!


Happy Easter


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brocker and his Dad went fishing on Friday and had some good luck! They went with TJ, Clayton, Selle and Eric. They had a great time and my littlest guy there caught the biggest fish! He must be a natural, his Dad said he did it all by himself, realed it in and everything.

Of course he had to call me to tell me, that was the greatest call! I could tell he was so excited and couldn't wait for me to know that he was the best fisherman there!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just trying it out...

A friend of mine told me how to make pictures bigger on my blog so I thought that I would try it out and what better way than adorable pictures of sweet little E!

What do you think did it work?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

That didn't make me very happy...


Belongs here

Not Here


In the middle of the night I felt a sharp pain on my right finger, I moved and then felt another one on my left forearm and then again on my left bicep. What the crap was that? I jumped out of bed screaming, "Dustin something bit me or stung me, ouch it hurts really bad!" He lifted up my pillow and it was a scorpion, I wanted to die!

Let me just tell you, that pain is not as bad, but could be compared to labor and I've done that without medication. And it doesn't go away for a really long time. We called my OB just to make sure the baby was okay and he said, the baby will be fine, there's not much you can do.

The next day I was not able to see well, my eyes were shifting back and forth and I couldn't focus. My entire body was tingling, like when your foot falls asleep and is trying to wake back up. I laid on the couch all day long, thank you Dustin for taking care of everything. Today the tingling is gone but I have no feeling in my right finger, where I was stung first. It feels really weird to type.

My most favorite place in my house, is now the scariest place and I wait until Dustin searches all the covers and all the pillows before I even think about getting in.

Time to move???

On to the next stage

Little E is making way for her little sister. She's officially in a big girl bed. Monday night 3/30/09 she spent her first night in her big girl bed. The sweet little girl was not feeling well (we didn't know at the time but she has strep throat) but was so excited to sleep in her big bed. She crawled right in and went straight to sleep. We were worried about her getting out or not wanting to go to bed. It may be because she's been sick but she has not got out once. I think she is ready for the next stage! Now on to potty training...maybe not yet, I'm not ready.

Setting up the bed in the baby room, a little paint and some decorations and we'll be ready.