Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Year???

My little girl is 2. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. She has learned so much and we are seeing more and more of her sweet personality come out.

if you want to know who took these beautiful pictures look here

All About Embry age 2

She loves her daddy, no doubt she's a daddy's girl

If she doesn't want to do something she says "I don't want it"

She hates nap time (every time I get her out of her chair after eating she says "I don't want to go to nap") I always put her down after lunch

She wants every toy she owns in her bed at nap time

She loves baby dolls and is so sweet with them, gives lots of hugs and kisses, I hope that's a reflection of how we treat her

She would eat just cheese for every meal if I let her

We can't give her Lucky Charms for breakfast cause she'll only eat the marshmallows

She has a thing for shoes and always wants to put them on herself

She takes her pants off at least 4 or 5 times a day

She goes potty in the potty, not enough to be potty trained yet but when she tells me she has to go she really goes

She loves bikes and is really sad when she finds she is too small to ride most of them

Embry loves to play outside and draw with chalk on the sidewalk

She has three siblings that absolutely adore her, maybe that's why she's so spoiled

She gives the best kisses and the tightest hugs

She wakes up at 7:30am and makes sure we all know she's awake

She looks really cute in a ponytail

She takes off her clippy's and pulls off her bracelets

She loves tea sets, she got a tin one for her birthday cause she kept playing with Kenley's porcelain one and when she dropped them they would break

She loves watching Wow Wow Wubbzy

She loves her sisters room and always comes away sporting lip gloss from head to toe, you can often hear Dustin and I yelling "Kenley, close your door"

She can say the first Article of Faith from memory

She is the cutest little 2 year old we know

We love you little miss

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Kenley started her new gymnastics class today! She has been wanting to take a class for almost 2 1/2 years and I've been putting it off. It's so darn expensive. Then we signed up at a gym that hadn't been completed and she had to wait another two long months. Well today her dreams came true. She told me on the way home that she kept saying in her head "Please don't be over, please don't be over." She gets to go two days a week and I don't think that's enough for her. Maybe she'll be a natural? We'll see, stay tuned...

These pictures are a bit blurry, I had to take them through glass with no flash, but you can see how much fun she's having!

Kenley's cousin Maija is in her class with her and they are so happy to be doing it together.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They can be so sweet

We have a tradition at dinner where we go around the table and everyone says their favorite and worst part of the day. Dustin and I enjoy it cause it gets the kids talking about their day. Well tonight we were going around the table and as we were asking Kenley; Brody and Embry started playing with each other. By the time we got to Brock (he was after K) they were laughing uncontrollably. We looked over at them and Embry was pulling Brody to her and kissing him, then they would laugh like crazy. Brody would tickle Embry and she would giggle and grab him around the neck and pull him in for another kiss. Brock finished his turn and Brody said with such joy in his voice, "Mom this is my favorite part of the day!" as Embry pulled him in again for another kiss.

Had to be posted

This was too cute not to share!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poo Poo's

Dustin strikes again. A couple Sunday's ago he decided to make brownies. Every time Dustin cooks Embry has to be involved and is such a big helper. Here is the conversation that went on while baking:

Embry: "What is it daddy?"
Dustin: "It's poo poos, you want some?"
Embry: "Yep!"
Dustin: "Embry, Do you like it?"
Embry: "mmmm hmmm, poo poos is yummy!"
A couple days later:
Embry: "Daddy I want some poo poos"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Broder

Brody loves Transformers, Power Rangers, Big Wheels, Legos, swimming, movies, Friday nights (he gets to stay up late), preschool, playing with friends, his cousin Dani, chalking the sidewalk, anything sweet, battling with his brother, coloring with Kenley, hugging on Embry, the list could go on forever. He's such a happy kid.

5 Things we love about Brody
1. His smile (he's always wearing it)
2. His sense of humor
3. His hugs, he loves to cuddle
4. The fact that he insists on wearing long sleeves and pants in 120 degree weather
5. His tender heart

Brody's had an exciting weekend. First Halloween, then his birthday and then a party at G&G Johnson's. What a lucky boy. We woke up Saturday morning and had breakfast and then on to presents. Brody was so excited he could hardly stand it. Usually in our family we open some in the morning at breakfast and save the rest for the evening. Not Brody, he wanted them all. His favorite was his Big Wheel, he loves how fast it makes him go.
Brody found this bumble bee hive in a magazine and just had to have it. He talked about it for days and when friends would come to play he would say "man it sure would be fun if I had the beehive to play with my friends". The bees have numbers on them so you can count them as you put them in the hive.

Kenley made this card and I thought it was so sweet I had to capture it forever.

This year was a year to have a date night with mom and dad. We did all things Brody wanted to do. First we ate at Outback (like father like son). Outside he wanted daddy to help him be Iron Man. Brody always gets the macaroni, which is funny to me cause he could have that at home. We played a game of dots and he won! We also discovered that Outback tables are great for reflection pictures.

Then we went to Toys R Us and he got to pick out a toy. He was stuck between a Power Ranger and a Transformer but ended up getting the Transformer.
Then off to Cold Stone (the ice cream store) where he chose cotton candy plain.

Last stop Blockbuster (the movie store) to get Brody's picks.

It's all about the Power Rangers!

On Sunday Brody got a cake made by Aunt Kirsi (she's amazing) and presents from all the family. Thanks guys!