Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Today our oldest turned 10!!! WOW are we old! Last night we went to dinner to celebrate and I was remembering the day 10 years ago when Dustin was out coyote hunting for the evening and I was at home having to use the bathroom every 2 minutes. After about 4 trips to the potty I started thinking, maybe my water is broke? I got Dustin on the phone, he came home and away we went to the hospital. Our little boy was born the next morning @ 7:14.

At 10 Brock loves Baukugan, basketball, football, battling his dad on xbox 360, wearing "cool" clothes, fruit roll ups, hot Cheetos, swimming, hunting, air soft guns, keeping the birds off the newly seeded lawn with the air soft gun, teasing Kenley, watching basketball with his dad, WOW (world of warcraft), webkins and his friends.

We love you buddy, hope you had a great birthday!!


heather said...

Happy Birthday Brock! I can't believe you're 10!!

Anonymous said...

I am sad I am not there right now. I would have acually gotten to wish you a happy birthday. when you have time, please e-mail me!