Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another month gone by

Miss H is 4 months old, where does the time go?
12lbs 14.5ozs (25%)
24 1/2 inches long (50%)

What's she doing now?

-rolling from back to belly

-blowing bubbles (raspberries)

-took her first dip in the pool

-took her first plane ride to Park City, Utah

-still sleeping great

-getting her new hair, she's a toe head

-wants to suck her thumb (mom's working hard to stop that)

-smiles at everyone

-eats every four hours

-is supplemented with formula three out of four feedings

-she's very ticklish
-jabbers all the time

We're lovin' every minute!


Kelly said...

And she is the cutest little girly! So fun seeing you last night! And I thought she just smiled @ me cause she likes me! Now I know, she does that to everyone! he, he.. Time goes by so fast! Soon she will be 1!

Jenn said...

Really cute photo. She is such a pretty little thing!

Whitny said...

How sweet. Love that picture. Do you have a good camera or just a point and shoot.? She is sweet sweet. Love it. Babies are awesome.

Heather said...

This pic made me laugh, so much personality already! Too cute. How fun to have 3 little girls!

Mama Corleone said...

She is so beautiful!

Van and Rhonda said...

Little Miss Hadley you are the cutest little angel. What a precious picture Amy! When I get home I am going to print up some of those pictures. What is it like having 5 precious children?? Oh that's right I will just ask myself that same questions. HA! It's wonderful! Love MOM