Saturday, October 31, 2009


This year we didn't have very many Halloween festivities spread throughout the month, they were all jammed into two days!!

We started early Friday morning at Mr. Brod's class party. Little E loved being a big girl with all the Kindergartners. Mr. B was so sweet to share his plate of goodies!

Then we were off to hangout with B Hunter and his class to watch Benny in the Halloween Parade. I think she had a black cupcake before the parade cause her mouth was completely black. But she was still such a cutie!
(Ben and her teacher Miss Garcia)
After that we were off to set up for Mr. B's birthday party (more on that in another post)
Saturday morning we got up and were of to the races once again.
We finished prepping and planting our flowerbeds
Then the fun started
Carving pumpkins! This year they each designed and carved their own, I didn't lift a finger, D helped them hollow out their pumpkins and carved Haddies, she's too little.
We found these funny faces at Wal-Mart and little E decided to use them for hers.
Then it was off to get some treats
We told them to pose, this is what we got
First stop G&G Johnson's for a pic with all the grand kids
yeah, that's funny, try getting three 15 month olds and a 22 month old to sit still with all that sugar in their tiny bodies!
Then off Aunt Ra Ra and Uncle Jordan's so we could trick-or-treat their neighborhood. We walked to Uncle TJ and Aunt LaChaes were we took this cute picture. Little Lil was sick so they couldn't hang out with us.

It was a fun night

Little E didn't even get scared and after every door she would look in her bag and say, "nope, it's not fulled up yet, let's go to another one"

The older three got to run ahead with dad and didn't have to stay with the slowpoke littles

Haddie got to nap in her stroller

And I fell into bed when it was all said and done...

I wish... Mr. B's birthday is TOMORROW!!


Kelly said...

Cute!! I love your kids costumes! Kenley looked so cute! And Hadley and Embry are growing up SO fast! So sad we missed the party! This halloween weekend was CRAZY! Too many things going on! You all looked so cute @ the school parade! Love your bat shirt! Dang chandler schools dont get to celebrate Halloween! Sad :(!

the bates motel said...

super cute! carter and brody could of been wolverine buddies :)! halloween is so much more fun w/ kids! and LOVE the pic of haddie in the pumpkin! so cute.

Mama Corleone said...

My little B was Wolverine too! Looks like so much fun!