Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, he's definitely a pre-teen.  He doesn't want to cut his hair, loves playing video games, doesn't want to go anywhere with the family, his friends are cooler than mom and dad and so much more.

This year was a date year for BH.  So we got to have him all to ourselves.  It was so much fun.  We took him to Flemings for dinner (guess who's idea that was?, I'll give you a hint, not mine), took him to get a hair cut, we bribed him with an XBox game and went to get ice cream.

I've always been terrified of the pre-teen/teen years cause that's when you start to have less and less control, they are away from you more and they are learning who they are and how to be more independent.  What I realized on our date with BH is how much fun it's gonna be too.  We laughed, played and had great conversation.  I'm really excited for more of that in the coming years.  Thanks for the great date BH we love you and who you are becoming.

BH at Age 11:
WOW (world of warcraft)
playing XBox
Tackle football
dressing cool
having cool hair
likes to tease the older two
a loving big brother to the younger two
has a tender heart and genuine concern for others
a great friend
gets great grades
excited/nervous for 6th grade
LOVES summer


Kari said...

Wow I cant believe it! He is so grown up! Where does the time go? You guys are such good examples as parents! I hope he'll be an easy teen for you! :)

Bryan and Heidi said...

They grow up way too fast!

Kelly said...

So Cute! Happy Bday Brock Man!
What a NICE date night, he got spoiled! So fun!
Im 1 yr behind you! Well Harley turns 11 in Feb! So it will be so cRaZy having a 12 yr old soon!! They grow up way to fast!!
By the way, I LOVE you guys! Thx so much for making my Bday fun! I love that you came to dinner with us, and spent my bday with me! It made it special! We need to get together with the kids ASAP!! So plan a good day, we are easy!

Lady Robason said...

Love the hair Brock! Happy Birthday!

Mamma Corleone said...

Um, any way you believe in arranged marriages? I have a pre-teen of my own who could use someone as fantastic as your little man. So...just let me know. :)