Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FHE at the lake

We took the kiddos to the lake for FHE last night...We had so much fun! 
(sorry for the amount of pictures but I loved them all)
My mom and dad came along to play with us, aren't they so cute.
We got a bucket of chicken and ate in on the boat
Round one...BH, Keeks and Mr. BD...lasted about 5 minutes.  They had fun but Mr. BD wanted to get off cause his head was hurting.  He might still be a little young to enjoy going fast
They didn't ride this way, just wanted a pic...I love Little E squished in the middle waving at the camera
Round two...Me and the little girls...lasted about 1 minute.  Miss H was not fond of the tube
Round three...Just me and Little E...that lasted about 3 minutes...I was worried that I'd squish her and she didn't like that the "tube is sooo bumpy"
Round four...BH, Keeks and I...lasted about 10 minutes...two different turns.  We all loved it...and then daddy flipped us good...and moms suit bottoms almost got lost in the lake
Keeks before the flip...
Keeks after the flip...
BH after the flip...He LOVED it!
Round five...Daddy's turn...lasted about 15 minutes...four different turns...he was a show-off.  Grandpa drove the boat...and daddy jumped the waves and flipped for mama
Round six...Grandpa's turn...lasted about 10 minutes...two different turns...Daddy drove the boat...paybacks...
Round seven...Nannie and BH...they laughed and laughed...got some air and Nannie flipped off the back
I know this is blurry, but I had to show Little Es favorite part of the trip...jumping of the back of the boat to Grandpa...she LOVED it
It was so much fun we can't wait to do it again
Round eight...BH...all by himself...lasted about 20 minutes...one turn...daddy worked really hard to get him off that tube...it wasn't happening.  The kid LOVED every minute...he was sore this morning.  I didn't get any pictures cause it was to dark.  Next we'll get him on a wakeboard.

Thanks mom and dad for coming with us...we LOVED having you there.  We LOVE you!


Carroll Family said...

This looks SO FUN!!! Brings back memories of when I was a kid - so fun!!!

Jenn said...

Ooh, that looks fun! Hadley's thighs are so chunky and adorable I want to squeeze her..

Mamma Corleone said...

My favorite things about blogs are the pictures! So bring 'em lady! What a fantastic time!

Little H's thighs in her suit are so adorable! I love baby thighs. And that picture of Keeks post flip is too funny! I also love to see moms who join in the fun! You always seem to be doing that. What a great mom you are!

As for your parents....I wish I could see them! My favorite memory of your dad was laughing the alphabet. It's so odd the things we remember. I'm so glad they're doing good.

Mamma Corleone said...

Oh, and I have lost my suit bottoms in the lake. It's not all it's "cracked" up to be.

Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I know, so stupid.

heather said...

so fun ame! I love all the pics! you're brave to get in that water! especially with fish poop! :)