Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pinewood Derby

A couple weekends ago Brock had pinewood derby. Him and his dad designed a pretty cool car, in fact he got the award for "Coolest Design". They had a little bump in the road when the car was disqualified for something having to do with the wheels. Dustin got that all fixed and he was able to race. Although he was disapointed that the new wheels made the car slower, Brock tied for 5th place! Good job Buddy (and Dustin, cause you know the dads get more into it than the boys). Maybe next year, huh?

Brock's cousin Caden got 1st place, way to go! We were so excited for him. His car seemed to fly down that track.

It was a fun time!


Kelly said...

Is that Tenay in the background waring a team Jacob shirt?? What?? What is she thinking?? Edward is so BETTER! :)Cant wait to see ya saturday! Hope you are feeling well. Brock is such a cute, good kid. Good luck next year, that is funny that his cousin beat him! Dustin needs to get better @ building the Car!

Van and Rhonda said...

Good job Brock and Dustin! I remember with TJ and Clay having the pinewood derby race. That is really alot of fun! You did an awesome job on that car! Very proud of you Brocker!