Friday, March 13, 2009

Will our garden grow...

Thanks to my FIL our little family was able to experience planting a garden. He had 1/2 an acre plowed and we got busy making rows. It was a lot of work but all the kiddos helped in their own way. It was fun to have everyone out there working together. We also had some family friends, Travis and his two little boys Harley and Ryker, those boys are some good little workers. It will be fun to see how our garden grows. I can't wait to show the kids the little sprouts, the fruits of our labor. Thanks grandpa for a really fun Saturday, and showing the kiddos how to work.

Mikki, Kenley, Maija

Grandma Johnson

Heather, Travis, Eric

Me and baby Johnson

Harley, Ryker


Mikki, Brody, Maija

Caden, Harley, Brock, good team work boys

Little Em

Tenay and Walker (even the twins did their part)

The man behind it all

Travis and Harley

Brody, Embry, Jehryn

Grandpa Johnson and Dustin

And finally we get to plant...Tenay and little E


heather said...

look at us go! that was hard work. it was great to do it as a family, with the help of friends! let's hope it grows! :) you're looking great Ame! i can't wait to see that cute little girl! and those cute rooms!!

Kelly said...

Wow!! I am so impressed? Were was I?? Oh yeah, @ home cleaning! :) I will come and help tend the garden whenever! I love to do that kind of stuff! I love al the pics! We need to get together soon, we miss you guys already! And the kids all play so well!!

Van and Rhonda said...

Man that looks like fun!! That is one heck of a garden. You guys will have more tomatoes than you know what to do with. I think it was really awesome how you included all the kids. It looks like they are all having a blast working. What a concept! :) Most of the time if you put kids outside doing something they will love it! I am jealous!

Bryan and Heidi said...

Are you guys going to open a grocery store too? That is a huge garden...I can't wait to start ours. Right now it is still too cold.