Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th

I love the 4th, and Heber has the best firework show I've seen. I'm sad if I have to miss it. One year we stayed home and I'll never do it again.

I have to have the clothing to go along with the holiday, it's so fun to dress up all the kiddos, the girls especially.

The fireworks were excellent as usual.

We had YUMMY homemade ice cream courtesy of Grandpa Johnson!
The company was a ton of fun also, the Scotts joined us this year. I don't think they'll want to stay home ever again either!

We also had a blast riding the quads and rhino and fishing at the pond.

Another sucessful 4th of July!


Kelly said...

Love the pics! (Not so much of me) You are right, we will want to go with you guys every year!! It was so MUCH FUN! Love you guys.

Clayton and Niki said...

I'm so sad we missed it this year. I love Heber's fireworks.
Ok, I was scrolling through the pictures and I saw the one of Dani and Brod on the quad and I freaked out!! I'm assuming that's Kelly's husband in the picture, but I totally thought it was Clayton. It looks just like him the way he's sitting. ha ha
Glad you guys had fun. Love you.