Tuesday, February 23, 2010

9 months...WHAT?

Oh, the things she can do

Learned a new word 2.12.10 - Baby
Crawls the real way
Is down to only one feeding a day that I nurse her (tear)
Eats 4-5ozs of formula after she nurses in the am then a 6oz for lunch and dinner and an 8oz right before bed
Waves bye bye every time she or someone else is leaving
Says Pah Pah when she sees the dogs, trying to say Ruff Ruff
Pulls up to her knees, which is why
We had to lower her bed to the lowest level
Pulls up to standing, first time last night 2.23.10
Eats baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Just moved to a size 4 diaper

I've never bought a size 4 before
My kiddos always wear 3 and then they are potty trained
We sure love to squeeze those chubs though

Dr appt. stats 2.26.10
Weight: 17.8lbs
Lenght:  27"
Head:  17.8"
We just might get to put her in a forward facing carseat on her 1st birthday (another first for our family)

Another month gone way too fast and she just keeps getting cuter and is so much fun

We love you Miss H


Clayton and Niki said...

Oooo, I just want to squeeze those cheeks!! Please let Van have those cheeks.

Kelly said...

I Just put Talan in size 4 diapers!! To funny. :) She has gotten so big!! (And I dont ever remember buying size 4 diapers either.. Maybe they make them smaller now? :)

Jenn said...

She is so cute!! I have to say, I've had one skinny and one chubs baby- and I'm partial to the chubs....

Evonne said...

She is so so cute Amy! I have to tell you that you have inspired me to make cute hair flowers for my girls!!! :-)

Mama Corleone said...

Oh my goodness! Babies grow too fast. Make her slow it down! What a beautiful little lady.