Monday, March 1, 2010

I love this Man

He is the greatest father I know

Knows how to deal with the boys
especially when they won't smile for family pictures

Those little girls have him wrapped around their fingers

And me?
Well I just melt in his arms

We all Love you Honey!
Happy Birthday!


Clayton and Niki said...

So cute! Love your post. Dustin is a great guy, and I'm glad he's my brother in law. You did a good job pickin' Ame! :) Happy birthday Dustin!

Bryan and Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Cuz! We love you!

Kelly said...

Happy late Bday!! You guys have a perfect little family! :)

Van and Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday to my most FAVORITE Son-in-Law!! :) On Wednesday I will be saying the same thing to Jordan :) I love all my son in laws and sooooooo appreciate how they treat my daughters. I hope you had a great birthday Dustin. We do love you to pieces and think that you are the greatest husband and father. WE LOVE YOU!!

Mama Corleone said...

What a great guy! Hopefully I will meet him someday!