Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Castles and Coasters

For spring break we took the kiddos to Castles and Coasters.  D and I had never been so we didn't know what to expect especially over spring break! 

We had so much fun and the kiddos loved it.  We rode the bumper boats, log ride, indy cars, two roller coasters, one that went upside down TWICE, a tower of terror 100% BH's idea, and more.

Little E could ride most of them with me.  I thought she would be terrified, but she completely surprised me, she loved them ALL.  Especially the fast roller coaster and the big drop on the log ride.

Miss H didn't get to ride anything, but didn't seem to mind, she loved sittin' in her stroller being wheeled around the park.

BH begged me to get on the tower of terror and when we were about to go up he said he didn't want to do it anymore.  Yeah right...were goin' now!  So we did, we both just about had a heart attack and didn't do it again.  At the end he said it was fun, but once is enough!  I had to beg him to go on the roller coaster that did two loops.  Finally after some convincing he went...and went again and again and again!  He loved it!  The only problem was that he wouldn't go alone and D wouldn't go at all.  So...that left me to go over and over again and my head and tummy aren't as young as they use to be...

Mr. BD loved all the rides he could go on and was sad he wasn't tall enough to go on more.  The pirate ship was his favorite.

Keeks...oh my little Keeks.  She went on what she wanted and was not about to go on what she didn't want to.  I even told her that if she came on the tower of terror I would take her to get her nails done (fingers and toes).  Nope she wasn't havin' any of that.  Maybe next time!

I would do it again in a heart beat, the kids had so much fun and for a reasonable price!

Some of the favorite moments

A perfect ending to a perfect day


Kari said...

You Johnsons know how to party! That place looks like a lot of fun. Love the pics of your kids!

Mamma Corleone said...

This looks like such a great time! I love the picture of you on the log ride. So funny!

I'm really impressed by you. I'm not sure how well my nerves would have held up going on that two loop roller coaster over and over and over. As usual, what a great mom!

You're kids are beautiful! Every time I look at your blog I'm just so happy for how things have turned out for you.

Kelly said...

I have not been there since HighSchool!! It looks like they have cleaned it up a lot!! Maybe the scott fam will have to go! :)
Glad you had a fun Spring break! Were are your disney pics??

heather said...

what a fun day! I'm so glad you guys got to do something fun over break and didn't have to deal with the disney crowds! cute pics! we'll have to go sometime, we've never been!