Thursday, May 27, 2010

The big number 1

The Little Miss turned one!
At one she:

walks (took her first steps 5.3.10 and was walkin pretty good by her birthday)
says mama, dada, puppy, baba (bottle), baby, braaaa (brock), Niki and Nigh Nigh (Nigh Night)
has 5 teeth
fake laughs
fake cries
throws small fits if you take her away from something or take something away
smiles most of the day
takes two naps
sleeps 12hrs at night
still sucks her thumb on the very rare occation, mostly uses the Na Na
gives hugs
lays her head on my shoulder every night when I sing to her before bed
still in size 4 diapers
wears clothes sized the same as her age (that's a first for us)

We love having such a sweetie in our home, she makes us all laugh and makes life so fun.  Looking forward to year # two with you little Miss H!


Kelly said...

Talan is still in size 4 diapers. Is that small or something??
I thi nk my kids always stay in those before they are potty trained.

Mamma Corleone said...

Um... I. Want. Her. She is BEAUTIFUL! Shockingly so!