Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Birthday

So I don't normally post about my Birthday, but this was not just any normal Birthday, so I thought it needed to be recorded.  Plus I love bragging on my kiddos!

So, D had a conference to go to in Ohio three days before my birthday but assured me he would be home the night before just in time for THE DAY.

Birthdays are a big thing in our family, I mean come on, it was the day you were BORN!  The whole reason you are on this earth! 

I like to be spoiled on that day and for it to be all about me.  In all our married years D has totally gone above and beyond spoiling me.  Until the day his plane was delayed and he didn't make it home for my birthday. (tear) (he did send me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries while he was away!  Always thoughtful even miles and miles away)

So even though I like to be spoiled on my day I don't really talk about it, I don't tell people that it's my birthday and if they don't remember o'well.  So I didn't mention it to my kiddos.  BH did say the night before, "man mom, it really stinks that dad's not gonna be home for your birthday."

So I went to bed that night starting to feel a little bit of the flu coming on wondering what tomorrow's gonna bring?

The next morning I was awoken, is that a word?, by the sound of my sweet kids voices singing Happy Birthday with a tray containing our traditional Birthday Breakfast in Bed and homemade birthday cards.  They had come through, what a surprise.  All on their own, they got up early, made my favorite, peanut butter and syrup on toast (weird, I know) and surprised me.  And I LOVED it!

D got home @ about 12 and we went to Kiki and BH's piano recital.  Unfortunately I had the stomach flu the whole day and mostly laid in bed though I did venture out to see a movie that evening.  Hopefully next year I won't be feeling crummy and D will be in town.

Even though it wasn't the birthday I had envisioned in my mind, the fact that my sweet children thought of me with no prompting from anyone made it the best birthday ever!


heather said...

I love it! I love the cookie sheet for a tray, the kid bowl so you won't break it, it's adorable! they're so cute and thoughtful. Kids love birthdays, and always make them fun. I love the pic of your "teenager." hee hee. Kenley looks SO grown up in that picture. So pretty.

Lorri said...

This is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You kids are awesome.

Kelly said...

Happy Late Birthday!
Sad you had the flu on your Day!
Your kids are so sweet! And yes, syrup,pb, and toast sounds strange! Maybe you are related to "Buddy" the elf.. (From the movie ELF) He puts syrup on EVRery thing!

Mamma Corleone said...

Sounds like someone raised those kids right. :)