Thursday, December 18, 2008

We LOVE this time of year...

We got to go to Brody's Preschool class today and what their Christmas Program. What sweet kiddos. They were so cute and really enjoyed singing for all the parents and grandparents. They performed the Christmas story to music, Brody was one of the wisemen. Brody really enjoyed having us come to see him at school. He got to show his daddy his favorite part of the classroom, the word wall. The kids get to bring in words that they can read to put on the word wall, I love the idea! We love Brody's teacher Mrs. Allison she has been so fun and is really preparing Brody for next year, the BIG K (kindergarten). She had them all make blankets for eachother for Christmas. They each got a fleece blanket with everyone's handprint and name on it (even Mrs. Allison) so they will remember eachother and their class when they move on. Brody has carried his blanket around with him all day.

Here's a cute video of one of the songs they sang, enjoy!

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