Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

We had so much fun on Christmas Day having all our family around us. We couldn't believe that the kids didn't wake up until 8am. We have not had a late morning Christmas like that since Brock was 3. It was nice to sleep in and feel rested on Christmas morning. We did our traditional poula (sp/finish sweet bread) eating before the kids could go up to their presents. My mother-in-law puts a nut in one of the rolls and the child that finds it gets to be first in line. This year it was little Embry girl.

Up the stairs they went with Embry in the lead...

All the kiddos loved what Santa brought them. Brock, Kenley and Brody all got IPods. And little E got her very first Big Wheel! She loves it and rides it all around the house. I didn't get a picture of Brody with his IPod but he loves it so much, you can hear him through the house singing to his songs. Just today he was jumping up and down saying, "hey mom I have have my Let's Play Music songs on here!"

This year we tried something a little different for our family. We gave each kid three gifts, like the wise men gave to Christ. They are used to getting much more. It helped them to understand that Christmas isn't all about how many gifts you can get, but about Christ and his birth. Helping them relate their gifts to the gifts Christ received helped them be more grateful for what they received. Here are some other favorites...Embry's Little People Castle, Brody's Drum Set, A Wii for the family, Brock's Star War's Unleashed game for the Wii (you can use Light sabers and you can really force with your hand, or so I'm told), Kenley's Digital Camera, and Brody's Power Ranger Megasords.

We had such a great time among all the ciaos that filled our home. We would do it again in a heartbeat and really miss having everyone around all the time. Thank you to all my family for coming to our home we loved having you and miss having sleepovers. Hopefully this year my kids learned a little more what the true meaning of Christmas is. And here's to hoping they learn more and more each year!

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RonJohn said...

i love the picture of brody with his drums.... your house will never be quiet again im sure haha