Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Mr. BD doesn't have very many boy friends that he plays with, I can think of two.  His closest cousin is a girl and they have been best friends since they were born.  All the kids his age on the street/in the neighborhood are girls.  He's is one boy in a sea of girls.  He plays with them all and they have fun.  He is great with girls, very kind, considerate, plays what they want to play.  He'll make a great husband one day.

Yesterday I drove his carpool.  Everyone in the carpool, except him of corse, is a girl. As I was driving I was listening to the conversation in the back seat.  The girls were talking about their pink clothes, pink nail polish, pink backpacks, pink hair ties and on and on and on...  Then I hear Mr. BD say "Ahhh... why do I have to be surrounded by girls?" It didn't help that his two sisters and mom were in the car too.

I guess sometimes you just need to hang with the guys


Mamma Corleone said...

My poor son is in the exact same boat. Poor guys.

Clayton and Niki said...

Well, here's one girl that LOVES this little guy.