Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Learning of Christ

I love the Easter Pagent! 
I love that we get to see the true meaning of Easter acted out for us. 
I love the spirit I feel on the Temple grounds as I watch the life of Christ.
I love that the children are playing and wrestling, enjoying being out side before the pagent starts
I love that it all stops and they listen attentively as soon as the lights turn off and it starts
I love that I didn't tell them to listen they just wanted to

What a great blessing we have called the Easter Pagent

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Mamma Corleone said...

I would love to go see that! And your pictures are killing me. We are hoping to get transferred to Arizona, and seeing all this is making it worse! We woke up this morning to over a foot of snow and school closures....on April 5th! Surely people must be happier with all that sunshine!