Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1 of year 2010-2011

They started back to school today...definitely bitter sweet.
Three in school all day is a big change around here.
I wasn't too worried about BH and Keeks cause they are use to the long days called school.  But my Mr BD is another story...his first year 5 days a week, all day long, I could tell he was a bit nervous.

Can't forget the cousin much so, that cousin M is going to a new school cause they moved but her mom still brought her to her old school just for the picture with all the girls.  We have one for every year starting with Kinder.  Good thing they start an hour later or we would have had to stage it.

They are so lucky to have such a great support system at school!

Below is Mr. BD going into the school, he got in line and didn't look back, what was I worried about?  I think I was more worried about myself.  His teacher asked all the parents of her students to write on the first page of their composition book that they will be using throughout the year.  She asked us to express our thoughts and feelings for them as they begin their first grade year.   I wanted to document what I wrote to my little buddy...

August 8, 2010

Mr. BD,
Hey mister! I'm so excited for you to start first grade, you are getting so big. You will turn 7 this year. I'm excited for you to start reading chapter books and learn to love reading, it's so good for you! I'm gonna miss having you home but I know you will be having a wonderful time at school. You are so special to us and such a blessing to our family. You bring so much laughter to our home. Thank you for being so thoughtful and caring toward all of us at home, I hope you will use those traits at school also and treat your teacher and friends with the same respect, I know you will! Please be aware of those around you, help those who need your help, smile at someone who might be sad, include everyone, share your thoughts and ideas (they are great), stand up for what you know is right. You are growing up, you'll have choices to make, make good ones. Remember what Mama and Daddy teach you at home. We love you so much. You are going to have a great year!
Mama and Daddy


heather said...

so cute! I'm so glad the time worked out too! I'd be so sad to miss it. It will be a fun collage to look back on and see how much they've grown every year! Those girls are her sisters.

Mauzy Fam said...

Cute always!! Thanks for making me bawl - such a sweet letter to Brody.

Mamma Corleone said...

This almost made me tear up! Ridiculous. We still have three weeks until school starts here, but my little B will start kindergarten.

I. Am. Horrified.

But, probably for me. Not for him, like you said. I hope he does as well as your BH!