Friday, August 20, 2010

A few more favorites...

We are having so much fun walking down memory lane with Anneli, I have learned so much about her and have enjoyed every minute.

We went to the church building that Anneli was baptized at.  It was fun to see her old stompin' grounds and to see her talk to people that knew her when she was younger.

We love the ice cream
And the bakery's
And the ice cream
And the foods pretty good too

Good thing we are doing a lot of walking cause a lot of our favorites seem to be the food!

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Kelly said...

Oh my heck I know the pastrys, bread and ice cream is so YUMMY over there! They have some of the best treats! And its so true, they can eat like that, cause EVEYone walks!! Not that many people own cars there, cause of the busses, trains, subways ect.. Im so jealous of you guys over there. :)