Sunday, August 8, 2010

Number 9

Happy Birthday Miss Keeks! 

This year is a date year so we took Kiki out on the town!  We had so much fun with her.  She's all about shopping, shopping and more shopping.  Something her daddy isn't fond of, he kept sitting down saying it was making him tired. (probably cause he was thinking about all the work he would have to do to pay for the shopping)  She had her date all planned out, first ice skating (we got there and public skate had just ended, so we saved that for another day), then pedicures (we tried to talk daddy into getting one but he wouldn't give in), next dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (her pick, she loves the salad bar and that's what she had for her birthday dinner {salad and water}) and last Claires (her favorite place in the world).  Because she wasn't able to go ice skating we told her she could get an outfit, she was happy about that.

We had a ton of fun hanging out with her.  Thanks for making our date so fun Kiki!

Keeks at age 9:
very helpful
loves art and drawing
is very fashion conscious
a great babysitter to her siblings
did I say very helpful?
likes barbies
has braces and soon head gear
has a messy room
very helpful
excited for school to start tomorrow
a great friend
has her own sense of style
likes to cook
very helpful

You brighten everyday!  We love having you in our family, you play such a special role, it wouldn't be the same without you.  Thank you for all you do around the home to help me without being asked.  You will be a great mom when the time comes.  Your smile makes me smile and your joy for life helps me remember how fun it was to be a kid and how important it is to have fun like a child.  Thank you for all you bring to our family!  We all love you!

After church this morning, opening gifts, nice outfit Keeks! (her own sense of style :)  Those suspenders are supposed to be for her nerd costume on Halloween...


Clayton and Niki said...

Hahahahahaha! I love me some Kenley! That outfit is one of those that she's going to look back at and say, "Mom, why on earth did you let me wear that?!?" And we'll just have to remind her that when it came to style, she always pushed the envelope, and wouldn't take no for an answer. haha. Love you Ken!!

Carroll Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

the bates motel said...

such a cute girly! love all the fun things you did together to celebrate! happy bday! i can't believe how many aug bday's there are!

Mamma Corleone said...

What a cutie! I love the picture of Dustin tossing her in the air. So sweet!