Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fall Leaves

Last week I had such a fun day with my Brody and Embry! We went to the San Tan Mall to get some lunch and we ate outside under the beautiful sun. The weather was perfect! I loved sitting with my 5 and 2 year old. They were so joyful as they fed the birdies little bits of their lunch. I could have stayed for hours!
As we walked back to the car Brody said, "Mom look, fall leaves" as he bent down to grab a few to bring home.
"Mom I just love fall leaves", as he proceeded to smash the ones on the ground beneath his feet so they would make a crunching sound (one of my favorites as a kid and still is to this very day).
I'm so grateful for a day to be a kid again and enjoy the simple things in life!


the bates motel said...

you are such a cute mom! sounds like such a fun day w/ your kids. and how cute your boy noticed fall leaves! so cute :)! and how cute is that pic of embry!

RonJohn said...

its funny that brody had to specify that they are "fall" leaves. haha

marcee said...

Love that! I seriously think I've seen more fall colors this year than any other year I've lived in AZ.

Kelly said...

We missed you @ Barros! It was actually crazy there, so you should be glad you did not come! Maybe next week? You are a cute mom! We need to get together more! Embry is so cute! I love that picture of her! Ha, Ha

Kari said...

Hi Amy, I look up to you so much. I love your outlook on life, motherhood and just love how you have a smile on your face all the time! Your family is simply adorable! Hope you are doing well with your pregnancy. Much love, Kari