Monday, January 12, 2009

It's all very clear now

My little buddy got glasses! Dustin and noticed that he wasn't able to see things very clear that were far away. He had a hard time seeing the clock on the microwave from the kitchen table but most importantly he couldn't see animals that Dustin would point out to him while hunting. So, Dustin set up an appointment for Brock to have his eyes checked. Sure enough, he needs glasses. He sees better with his right eye than his left but both need the aid of glasses. For documentation purposes his prescription is: Sph: -1.00 right eye; -0.50 left eye; Cyl: -0.25 right eye; -0.50 left eye; Axis: 094 right eye; 075 left eye. I understand none of that. Oh well, that's why they don't pay me the big bucks!
Brock you look so cute in your glasses! I love that you are excited about them and want to wear them cause you know that they will help you see. We love you Buddy!


heather said...

look at you brock, so cute!
impressing the ladies...... :)
i got my first pair of glasses in 4th grade too. now i'm a -10 and can't see anything! let's hope you don't take after your auntie!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Trav and I just had our 9 year on the 12th! So I will have to post about that! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the Invite Saturday! I will bring a treat!

Van and Rhonda said...

Brocker you look awesome! Man you are one handsome boy. Tell your mama to send that picture to Clay so he can see how cool you look. I am so glad you can see better now. It really makes a difference doesn't it? Your nannie and grandpa love you to pieces!