Friday, January 16, 2009

Over halfway

Well here it is... a picture of my pregnant self. I thought I should probably document it in case my girls ever wonder what mom looked like pregnant. So here's the belly girls!

Here are some things I am grateful for at 22 wks. of pregnancy:

I still fit into one pair of jeans that are not maternity (I wore them pre-prego), I wear them almost everyday, wanna go buy more just a bigger size

I can still go to the gym and run (great stress release)

Baby is healthy and doing great

A husband that is so willing to help

Happy children

I don't waddle...YET

I don't have to take the glucose test till my next dr. visit

I can still sleep partially on my stomach (if that makes sense)

I only have to pee once in the night

Here's to 18 more weeks...


Bryan and Heidi said...

Are you kidding...what belly? I think I look like that at 16 wks!

Castle Family said...

ugh, the glucose test! I always bring a straw-helps it go down easier! And PS you are a STUNNING pregnant woman!

Kelly said...

You look so Cute, It's not fair!! Oh my heck that glucose drink it so gross! I swear they made it nastier! I was dry heaving when I drank it with Talan! :( That is so awesome that you are running! See you tonight

heather said...

ditto on what heidi said....except i look like that now!


Mauzy Fam said...

I love looking at my weeks on my blog - it makes me feel like this pregnancy is moving fast - until of course I see yours!! I wish I was 22 weeks. No way I'll be in pre-prego jeans by then.

Bonnie said...

Your cute as usual!! Congratulations on another sweet lil girl.

I do miss all you girls from book club too!!!!!

Sarah said...

You crack me up! Only going to the bathroom once a night is a BIG deal. I hope it stays that way for the next 18 weeks.

Kelly said...

We had so much fun Saturday! Ryker has asked me like 10 times if he can play @ brody's house! Im glad our kids played well! Thanks for having us over!

Amy Lemmermann said...

You looks SO cute pregnant!!! And I went in your house with the Warners to see your cabinets...your house is DARLING!! Thanks for letting us in!

jen said...

You look FANTASTIC!! Seriously cute belly Amy. Get maternity photos!