Thursday, April 2, 2009

On to the next stage

Little E is making way for her little sister. She's officially in a big girl bed. Monday night 3/30/09 she spent her first night in her big girl bed. The sweet little girl was not feeling well (we didn't know at the time but she has strep throat) but was so excited to sleep in her big bed. She crawled right in and went straight to sleep. We were worried about her getting out or not wanting to go to bed. It may be because she's been sick but she has not got out once. I think she is ready for the next stage! Now on to potty training...maybe not yet, I'm not ready.

Setting up the bed in the baby room, a little paint and some decorations and we'll be ready.


Mauzy Fam said...

Oh, I'm so glad she's doing well! She looks so cute in that bed. When are you going to post about the ADORABLE room you created for her.

heather said...

you're on to the nursery! how fun. let me know if i can help or if you need any of my paint!

Kelly said...

I love Little E's room! Her bed looks great, and the paint and molding looks awesome. I need to come see it all in person. I hope em is feeling better. I love the Black crib too! So Cute!