Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ready or not your gonna MOVE

When I was about 4 months pregnant with Brock my Dad was transferred to Sierra Vista. Sierra where??? I had never heard of it and they were leaving Yuma the town I had grown up in, the house that I spent all my teen years in and the only place I had lived long enough to call home. Needless to say I was not very happy, but I was married and starting a life of my own...there was really no room for me to have a say. They would still only be a three hour drive away.

So for 10 years Sierra Vista has been their home. Until, a few months ago when they got the call saying their home, my Dad's dream home because of the view high on a hill with no neighbors, was going to be torn down. What??? I have to say when I got the call from my Dad I cried. I know how much he loves where he lives and how much it will hurt him to move.

Look at that view (the kids are cute too)

If you know my Dad you know that he hates Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, whatever you want to call it. He hates the traffic, the heat, the congestion, pretty much every thing. All of the sudden they were faced with moving to this dreaded place. We, his kids, have been trying to get them here since he retired a year ago. They decided this would be the best place for them to be for now. It's a bitter sweet move but I have to say I can hardly wait to have them here.

All of us girls went to help them start the packing process. It was a fun trip questioning parents fashion sense, finding old treasures, and reliving childhood memories. I'm glad we got to do it. With only 7 weeks left in the pregnancy I won't be able to go back before they move, I am really gonna miss that buggy ol' place.

The night we got to Sierra Vista my parents had us meet them at a Mexican Food Restaurant. We were eating and 11 guys walked in and sat down. LaChae said that she recognized one of them as my Dads (biological) friends. She recognized him from the funeral. Tamra and I looked around and recognized him. His name is Ronnie Costa and he was on a motorcycle ride with all his buddies from El Paso. As I thought about it, I couldn't control my emotions, if my Dad were still alive he would have been with them. When he hugged us he looked up and said "Tim look at this!" I could feel my Dad smiling at us from the other side!

We left the kiddos at home so we could focus on getting work done. Dustin has his hands full with all the shuttling he had to do. Three birthday parties, one football game and one blue and gold banquet. I don't think he's ever been in the car that much with with kids, EVER! He did a great job, and the house was very tidy when I got home, Thanks Honey!


heather said...

what a great hubby you are dustin! i'm sure your wife loved to get away with her sisters and know that everything would be taken care of. (p.s. cute gift bags, ame.)

Kelly said...

Amy, Wow I almost cried reading the part about your dad! I did not know your father passed away? You will have to tell me that story someday! And wow you posted A LOT. Brock is crazy for catching a bird. And I love your card you made, and I want to make bread with you!! So call me up and let me know when you do it.