Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter traditions...some old, some new

Our Easter started with the traditional egg dieing. The kiddos had fun mixing and matching colors and making all sorts of combinations. It is the first year that Little Em is old enough to understand whats going on and she was amazed at the egg turning colors. We got a dieing kit that had colored sand this year and the kids got very creative and made their eggs into dinosaur eggs. What a fun Easter tradition.

The Easter Bunny came to our house the night before Easter and hid all the eggs and brought the kids goodies for their baskets. They ran around the house looking for the golden egg that has money in it. The only one that would hold still enough for a picture was Little E. She didn't care what color the egg was only that she got an egg.

After the hunt Dustin took the kids out back to play baseball with the eggs. He has this thing about eating hard boiled eggs that have been died, he won't do it and doesn't like us to either. They had a blast taking turns swinging at the eggs.

After church we went to G&G Johnson's for dinner and some more huntin'. It was so fun to see the kids run around the yard picking up eggs as fast as they could. We had to have a big kid side and a little kid side so that the little kids would have a chance to get at least a few eggs. Those big kids have gotten fast!

Dustin's parents are the proud grandparents of 13 and counting... can you believe we got them all to look at the camera.

And who could resist a picture of this sweet face covered in watermelon, YUMMY!



heather said...

great pics! that is amazing you got them all looking. I haven't checked out mine closely yet. that kyson face is so cute!

Shepherds said...

Ha ha leave it to Dustin to come up with a fun idea like wacking eggs with a baseball bat! FUN! That little boy with the watermelon face..he is CUTE!! What a sweetie pie!! :0)

Mauzy Fam said...

Love the egg baseball idea! Looks like fun and I love the kids new after church outfits!

Lorri said...

I love the pictures! What a great Easter.

Kelly said...

I agree with Dustin, I hat colored hard boiled egss. I wont even make them anymore, (SAD) but I just hate wasting them. My mom made egg salad with the colored eggs one year, and it was like a mixture of crazy colors.. It was so gross looking!!!!!!