Friday, August 7, 2009

Clearing out the crack-ups

I was vacuuming while E & BD were watching a cartoon and I hear E yelling something so I turn off the vacuum.
Mom: What did you say E?
E: I said could you keep it down?

Grandpa Larson (to little E): You're too cute
Mom: Who made you so cute?
Em: Ummmm you made me so cute
Mom: Am I cute?
Em: Yep
Mom: Who made me so cute?
Em: Ummmm Granpa!

Brock: "Mom where are you going?"
Mom: "Book Club"
Brock: "So that's why you are all perfumed up"

Mom: "Brody what are you going to take for show-n-tell today?"
Brody: "We get to take something that we LOVE"
Mom: "Ooo, that's fun what are you going to take?"
Brody: "I want to take you!"

Embry is supposed to be taking a nap but I can hear her in her room playing, then I hear a big crash and she starts crying. So I run in to see what happened:
Mom: What happened?
Embry: I bumped my chicken (with tears in her eyes as she points to her cheek)

Brody at the dinner table being asked to say the prayer
Dustin: "Brody will you please say the prayer?"
Brody: (Grumpy face) "I just said it."
Dustin: "Well will you say it again?"
Brody: "But Dad, I just said it last year!"

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