Thursday, August 20, 2009


Little E has never been but when I took the kids in two weeks ago she sat in the chair and let the hygienist (who is a good family friend of ours) look at her teeth. He told me that since she did so well it would be a good idea to bring her in for a real exam and cleaning. I had a cleaning scheduled for this week so I made her an appointment at the same time. I didn't take my other kiddos until they were about three, but since she had no problem sitting in the chair and the hygienist was a friend and someone she knew I thought she would do great.

No such luck! She cried and wanted to get out of the chair, wanted nothing to do with Tom and gave him dirty looks.

She didn't get her teeth cleaned that day.

Yesterday I opened the friend to read her some stories and right there on the front page was a story about a little boy who was afraid to go to the dentist. He talked about how he sang "I am a Child of God" in his mind while he was in the chair and it made him feel better. I explained to Little E that maybe she could do that the next time she went to the dentist (I scheduled her again in 6 months when the other kids go back), then she wouldn't be scared and Tom could clean her teeth.

This was her reply:

"no thanks mom, I'm not going"
This one's a feisty one!

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Spencer and Caroline Family said...

Great story...I am sure Tom got a kick out if it!