Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our little miss E

In our family we don't pierce the girls ears until they can ask for them. That's the rule my dad had for me and Dustin liked it so it stuck. When Kenley was about 2 1/2 she ask for earrings, of course I went right out and got them.

About two weeks ago Little E was looking at my earrings and playing with them. She looked at me and said, "Mama I want earrings like you". To that I replied, "go ask your daddy". She jumped right up and ran to ask him, he looked at me like I put her up to it. I promise I didn't! She's 2 1/2 it must be the age.

So, Little E has been begging her Daddy for weeks to get her ears pierced and he kept telling her no. He's not good seeing his girls in pain (which is why when in labor he's the one ordering the epidural for me, not me ordering it for me). I know she didn't fully understand that it was going to hurt as you can see in these pictures:

Picking her earrings Excited that it's her turn
Not sure what's going to happen

After they marked her ears she asked, "Do I have my earrings?"

Look at this SWEET face, I'm sure she's wondering what they're doing
Now she knows
A sucker and ride on the cars at the mall make everything better

Cute earrings little girl, you were very brave!

A few fun things Little E says at age 2:

My princess = skirt or dress

"I'n (instead of I'm) a pretty princess right mom?"

My dressed = her clothes if it's shorts or pants and a T-shirt

Root beer juice = soda (all of our kiddos have called any soda root beer)

Slub it = rub it/love it (we think) she said to me once "mama slub my blankie" I asked her how do I do that and she rubbed in on her face, so now we always tell her "I Slub You!"

"It's all my fault" (not sure where that came from)

"Mom and Kenley you stay right there I'm going potty" (she loves that she can go by herself)

Things she loves

puzzles, corn dogs with the bread taken off (basically a hot dog on a stick), books, playing kitchen, babies, did I say puzzles?, cheese, necklaces, her pink and green blankies, Care Bears, did I mention puzzles?, Curious George, swimming, her daddy, running and oh, puzzles.


the bates motel said...

such a cutie! love the earrings. i tease bren sometimes i need to go get savvy's ears pierced. he's not ready.

Jill Wright said...

You look so great all ready! What a little doll baby you have--not that there was any question that she would be cute. Look at the other 4! Congrats! It's fun to keep up with you guys on your blog.

Mauzy Fam said...

Yeah EMBRY!! Those earings look so cute on her. I love the innocence - that she had no idea that it was going to hurt!

Kelly said...

So cute! I love how brock's face in one of the pics.. "What am I doing here?" Ha, Ha.. And her screaming face is so cute! How fun for you to go and get ears peirced! Last night was so FUN talking with you guys, and just having a break from the kiddles. Love you guys.

Brenda said...

Oh that after picture was so sad! I took my niece to have her ears pierced back in the olden days when they did one ear at a time. I felt like the meanest person ever holding her down for that 2nd ear! But they've got to match...

Jenn said...

That is so cute! I love that you captured the progression on camera... classic! I am such a wimp I'm not sure I can be there if I ever have a girl and she wants her ears pierced! Matt will have to take her... Ha ha! Cute!

Kari said...

Oh my! What a brave girl she is! I've been catching up on your family and blog and everyone looks so big! Little Hadley is so beautiful, just like her mom! It was great to see you last night! You are looking fabulous!

Mary Taylor said...

That is so cute! I am cracking up over the after picture, it's perfect! I love all your posts I had a lot of catching up to do! You have such a cute little family :)

Bryan and Heidi said...

I am going to show that picture to Gentry so she can fully understand the pain that comes with ear piercing. Too funny!

thebigcookiefam said...

The picture of her crying makes me so sad, I can't help it I just want to hug her.