Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday KiKi

In our family a birthday tradition is your favorite breakfast and gifts. This year Kiki picked pancakes. This is a big one, #8 and a party year. She had a full fun day planned.

First presents from the family

Then off to get her hair cut. My next scheduled hair appointment fell on her birthday. She's been begging me for months to let her cut her hair. I love her long hair and really didn't want to see it go, but I thought it would be fun to get our hair done together. So I scheduled her too.

This is Lisa, she does a great job, I Love Her!

Next on the agenda: TOES. We love to get our toes done, it doesn't happen very often so when there's a special day we go for it!

Now it's time to party!

She couldn't wait to show off her new shinny locks

The girls got to make their own bracelets to take home

It was a ton of fun to celebrate with our 8 year old! They grow up so fast, here are some fun KiKi facts

loves to draw/color/paint/anything artsy and is really great at it

enjoys helping in the kitchen

doesn't like to clean her room

a great helper with her younger siblings

excellent in school

a great dancer

loves bags/purses

likes Hanna Montana and the Jonas Brothers

does what she's asked to do 90% of the time

wore a retainer this year to straighten her top front teeth

loves getting school supplies (just like her mama)

and the list could go on and on...

We love you Keeks, Happy Birthday


heather said...

I just saw this post! So cute. What a fun birthday! Love the hair girl! What a fun trip out with mom. She'll be a good little mommy someday, like her own!

Kelly said...

I just saw this post too! CUte pics! Hey you tried the nail place I go too! Did you love them? I think it is the cutest place.. AND clean! I love your kids! So cute!