Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little E's Owie

Little E the night before surgery. We talked to her about what was going to happen but she didn't fully understand. If you were to ask her she would say "They're gonna fix my eye"

When we got there they took us to pre-op where they put her in her gown, she liked the gown but didn't care for the socks or cap. They brought her barbies and ponies to play with, she LOVED that. She also got to watch Bolt on the TV.

They brought her mask and she got to pick the flavor that she was going to smell when they put the mask on her face to go to sleep. She also got to decorate it with stickers...

but she thought it was more fun to decorate mama (daddy had something to do with that)

Then it was off to surgery. She saw this car when we first walked in and said "I want to ride in that", so when they asked her if she wanted the wagon or the car, she for sure picked the car. Luckily they let me take her back and be with her until she fell asleep. We tried to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, but all the while her daddy and I were a bundle of nerves inside.

I guess I didn't realize what the process of them going to sleep looked like but it was not as peaceful as I'd imagined. When we got in the room I picked her up and put her on the bed lying down and as soon as they put the mask on her face she said, "I don't want to do this". The anesthesiologist held the mask there while me and one of the nurses held her feet and hands. She started to struggle and squirm and move around a lot, all while we were holding her hands and feet. It was probably only 20 seconds, but seemed like minutes and then she was asleep. I gave her a kiss and walked out with the nurse. She looked at me and said "Breathe". I let out a deep breath, not knowing I had been holding it.

Then came the tears

I got to see Dustin, that helped

We waited an hour and a half

They said it would be a 30 min procedure, we worried

Then the doc came out and told us it was bigger than he thought and came down her temple and attached to her scull. It was between the size of a quarter and a half dollar.

Then came the recovery, nine disolvable stitches and super glue to hold them in

That was not fun, she cried and cried and cried. Asked for her daddy to hold her. Told us to take the IV out of her hand. First she had to drink something. She gulped down some juice, gobbled up a Popsicle. She wouldn't let us change her back into her jammies so we came home with the hospital gown. She didn't settle down until she was in the warm car in my arms...
We are so thankful everything went smoothly. Thank you to all who thought about her today, fasted for her and prayed for her. We are so blessed to have so much support. I felt so much love from family and friends today.

At home she watched cartoons for a few hours and slept for a few hours

Now she's bouncing around the house as happy as can be

I think we're in for a LONG night...


Mama Corleone said...

I am so glad everything went so well! That is a great place for a scar, really. It will be so hidden. What a brave little girl...and mom and dad.

Van and Rhonda said...

Oh little Embry! I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing you on your surgery day! I think you are such a big girl to have gone through that surgery. You are so precious and are such a part of all of our lives. I want you to know that your grandpa and nannie love you to pieces and are so happy to have you as our grandaughter. We love you E!

the bates motel said...

tears in my eyes! i swear i can't imagine going thru something like that! glad everything went ok and that's she's "bouncing around the house". your such a cute mom! she's so lucky to have you :)!

RonJohn said...

oh my gosh, you had to hold her down to get her under... Oh that is horrifying. I'm so glad everything went well.

Wow doesn't that make you glad you don't have a child with cancer and you don't have to live at a hospital.

heather said...

Such a scary thing. I'm so glad all went well. The hospital looks like they took good care of her and made it as fun as possible. Our Father watches over us, especially during these times. Embry, your Auntie loves you! I'm so glad your home and running around feeling like a new little girl again!

Bryan and Heidi said...

Those hospitals really know how to make the little ones feel comfortable! We are glad everything went well. That really is a good place for a scar...her eyebrows will probably hide most of it.

Kari said...

So glad everything went well. I hate it every time Bree is put to sleep. It's hard to watch every time. But, the doctors and nurses all do such a great job. Little E is so beautiful. She's so grown up. What a sweetheart she is! You and Dustin are such great parents! We are thinking of you guys!!

kellyjbrown said...

SCARY!! So glad everything turned out ok. She is the cutest little peanut. It's been so long since we got together, after the holidays we need to make it happen. I have yet to see beautiful Haddie in person!