Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Year End Letter"

We usually send a picture collage and a newsletter out each year as our Christmas card. Well this year we were almost done, just needed a few finishing touches and they would be ready to mail. I turned on the TV one night, Jay Leno was on, I never watch Jay Leno but he was telling his jokes in the opening and they were pretty funny so I was listening as I did some other things around the house. Then something caught my attention. I couldn't help but stop and laugh. I recorded it and played it for Dustin later that night, we both agreed there will be no more "Year End Letters" from us. If people wanna know they will visit our blog! Enjoy!

This is what we did send out this year

Dustin, Brock, Brody and Hadley's names didn't show up very well, I was extremely disappointed, but what do you do when you change your mind last minute?

Send it out anyway!

(cute pics courtesy of my sweet friend Britain)


Clayton and Niki said...

Hahahahahahahaha! That song was so funny. I never heard it. Just so you know, I actually like your year end letters. Even though I usually know everything that happened, it's fun to hear it in your words. I was looking at the picture collage, and the one of Embry screaming her head off is my favorite picture of 2009. LOVE IT!

Mama Corleone said...

I am with Niki! That was so funny, but I also like year end letters (well most people's). Cute pictures!!