Saturday, January 23, 2010

Month 8

This little girl is growing and growing! A lot has happened this month,

What's new in the life of Miss H...

plays peekaboo


got her first tooth 1.17.10

crawls, well kinda, we call her the little happy inchworm, she gets up on her arms and pushes with her feet and kinda fall forward, like an inchworm.

got her second tooth 1.21.10

learned to wave bye, bye (she does it when we say nigh night to daddy, so she thinks it means nigh night)

gives kisses

clicks her tounge


Carolyn said...

What a sweetheart! She is really growing!

Melanie and Jarom said...

She's so cute. Those cheeks kill me! Awesome that you got to do that with Dustin. I'm sure thats ever more a need when you have 5!

heather said...

she's a doll! yay for all the milestones! it's so fun to see them grow and interact.

Mama Corleone said...

She is so beautiful! I was in Utah this last week visiting Leigh-Anne and we looked through your blog. She just kept saying how beautiful all your kids are.