Friday, January 29, 2010

To crawl or not to crawl...that is the question

This sweet little thing can't decide if she wants to crawl.  She's up then she's down, she's on her toes then her elbows.  She has the strength in her arms and can get on her knees but can't quite put it all together just yet.  It's so fun to watch her try to figure things out!

Teeth shot, can you see them?


Mama Corleone said...

Beautiful teeth! And her crawling is so cute. She looks like she's doing tiny baby push-ups!


She's adorable! Fun, fun age! And how professional are all of your pictures. Love them. I have to ask where you got her shirt. My sister has been looking for a shirt with that exact saying and this one is the cutest ever so you gotta let me know. Cute family Amy!