Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twelve down...many more to go

I love this man! Every year he plans our anniversary and never lets me down. This year was just the same.

Because I am still nursing Miss H, I was afraid to go too far. D wanted to go skiing but I couldn't bear to be that far away just yet. So, we left Friday and went to Phoenix for the Suns game. We stayed in a hotel and walked to the game. I love being at the games and in the crowd, too bad they lost.

Saturday we checked out and spent the day shopping, went to see Avatar and got Sprinkles (my fave)! We stayed at a hotel in Scottsdale and went to Jesters, a comedy improv club, that night. It was a good laugh! Sunday we got to sleep in and relax, what mom doesn't need that? It was a great weekend away! Thanks to my Mom and Dad, Niki and Clayton for watching the kiddos so that we could be footloose and fancy free!

It's wonderful to be married to your best friend who you can sit in silence with and it's never awkward. In fact the silence is nice when you have five kiddos.

Thanks honey for being so kind, caring, loving, affectionate, silly, funny, hard working, thoughtful, selfless, understanding, willing, positive, fun, joyful, happy, and perfect for me!

Like I said...

I'm one LUCKY girl!


heather said...

what a fun weekend! happy 12th!

Mama Corleone said...

What a great guy! Hopefully someday I'll get to meet him. Twelve years, my goodness! Congrats!

Kelly said...

Congrats!! You guys said you did nothing for your aniversary!! That is a lot, and better than any gift! You are Lucky

the bates motel said...

awe sounds like such a fun weekend! we need one of those BAD! lol. and seriously how YUM is sprinkles!