Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Funny Updates

Brody just came in as I was blogging and said:
Brody: "Mom you sing great!"
Mom: "Thanks but I'm not singing, it's the blog"
Brody: "Well actually when you're singing you sing pretty"
Mom: "That's nice Brod, Thanks"
Brody: "Yeah, you sing pretty even when I'm mad"

Brody at the movies sitting next to his friend Kyler:
Kyler: "Brody do you want some Hot Tamales?"
Brody: "No, I don't like hot things"
Kyler: "Yeah, but do you like good things?"

Kenley swimming in her Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's freezing cold pool says: "OOO, Mom I'm shimmering" (shivering).

Brody was looking at pictures on our computer screen saver slide show and he says: "Mom I can't remember the time we had those days."

Dustin helping Brody get changed after church:
Dustin: How do you know how to get dressed all by yourself?
Brody: I just put on my shirt then I put on my pants.
Dustin: That's backwards, I put on my pants and then my shirt.
Brody: (thinking for a minute) Oh, so you can cover your nakedness?

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Lorri Craig said...

I love the way children try to communicate. There's nothing like it. Thanks for sharing!