Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, we loved it so much we had to go back...


The Bowen's invited us to go with them to Rocky Point October 1st thru the 5th. We had the best time. Brody's already asking when we get to go back. I have so many favorite memories and pictures from our trip. I'm gonna post my most favorites and the rest I'll put in a slide show at the end. So, just a warning:


These boys had so much fun hanging out together, Bridon is not in this picture but he was right along with them all the other times. This is typical of Danner, I think he asked them to sit on him.

Embry Lynn had so much fun getting all sandy and then going in the ocean to wash off. She was so good all weekend, the only times she complained was when she had to go to bed.

The kiddos kept up the Johnson tradition and made Mr. O. We weren't able to make it very big because the tide comes is so fast during the day.

Dustin had me point to where we were staying so we would never forget and when we come back in 10 years we will remember that one time we went with the Bowen's 10 years ago and this is where we stayed.

Lindsey and I tried our best to be sexy for our husbands in the ocean, but really what's the point when you have all your kiddos staring at you from the beach?

We played CRL with the kids one afternoon and I laughed and loved every minute. To play the game each person gets three of one item, in this case pieces of bubble gum. You roll the dice and follow what they say; R=right, L=left, C=center and a dot=do nothing. So you pass to the right, left, put in the center or do nothing. At the end of the game the last person left with bubble gum gets the pot in the center.

This was the pot at the end of the game. We decided to add a twist and say the person that won had to put every piece of gum in their mouth at one time. Fat chance, right?

This was the Winner. He managed to get 11 pieces in his mouth at once. Then of course everyone else had to try (see pictures in the slide show).

It was bitter sweet when it came time to pack up and leave. We were excited to get back home and sleep in our own beds, but didn't want to end the fun times. I think we'll have to make this a yearly tradition.

Until next year! See ya there Bowens


Mauzy Fam said...

Looks like SO much fun! I'm a little jealous that you got to go again with your kiddos. I was a little sad Dallin and Bryce didn't get to have all the fun we did!

Castle Family said...

I love RP!! It's the best quick vacation! My SIL owns a place at Bella Sirena, so we get to go a few times a year :) Looks like you had fun :)

Van and Rhonda said...

Looks like you had a blast. I think next time we go as a family we need to take the kiddos. It looks like they had so much fun. I loved going to RP with all our children. Well, TJ, LaChae, Sarah and Mark you were missed. We did have a blast. It's fun to see to families get together and have so much fun together.

Lorri Craig said...

Our family loves it there as well. Looks like you had great weather and a great time. I love that you took lots of photos of each event. Great Job! It will keep the memory alive.

heather said...

looks like so much fun! what a fun game with the gum! :p

Jill Wright said...

I'm sad we didn't get to go with you guys. It's our favorite place to go with the kiddos. Looks like you had a great time.
Call me if you want that laundry room definition. 480-361-8252

Dani said...

We love Rocky Point too! Trev's step-dad has a place and some boats that he charters for fishing, so we also get to go several times a year. It's always a relaxing blast!
P.S. Have I told you that you have one of the cutest families ever? I'm sure you'd agree with me! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

What a fun Vacation! You guys are lucky!! ;) And the homemade pizza Tenay makes looks yummy !

Tom & Lindsey said...

That was definitely one of the most fun, most relaxing vacations. Thanks for going with us. So its going to be 10 years huh?