Monday, October 27, 2008

Singing Ladybug

We've had this toy since Brock was born. He used to go up to it push the button and dance like crazy to the music. I have such fond memories of him as a toddler dancing away to his singing ladybug. Every kid since has thoroughly enjoyed the ladybug.

As Tamra and I prepared for a garage sale I came across our little ladybug in the pile to sell. I pushed the button and those familiar songs started playing, I couldn't bare to sell it. Embry had never experienced the ladybug and the thought of her never getting the chance broke my heart. So, we kept the ladybug and she loves it...just like the others!


Heather said...

I remember the ladybug, so fun. I'm SO glad you kept it too! It will keep bringing you fond memories with all your little ones to come!

Van and Rhonda said...

You dance little Embry to that cute ladybug! Can't believe you even considered selling that. I have fond memories of that too with the kiddos. You better NEVER sell it just pass it on to one of your children when they get married or save it for your grandchildren! Love you, MOM