Friday, May 22, 2009

I guess she wanted me to be 33...

So my baby ticker says it's go time.

I guess the baby doesn't agree

I had contractions all night long

I think she's teasing me

All the laundry is done

The calendar is free

When will she get here

Will she come in time to say Happy Birthday to me?

I didn't mean for this to be a rhyme, silly I know, It just kinda turned into that. Any predictions out there? I would love to hear when you think she will come grace us with her presence.


Debbie said...

Contractions all night, huh?

My prediction is early tomorrow morning.
She wanted you to have the day to yourself.

Happy Birthday, Amy. Good luck!

Melanie and Jarom said...

Happy Birthday!!! I think she is coming tonight! You'll be going to the hospital around 7pm and have the baby before midnight so you can have the best b-day present ever! Keep me posted! Oh yeah and she is going to be a squirt like Embry- 6lbs 12oz. I've seen your belly and its really not that big.

Mary Taylor said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're getting anxious, how fun! You're girls rooms are adorable, what a talented mom you are!! Your kids are the cutest. Good luck with everything!

heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! and Happy Birthday to Hadley, um......Sunday night, Monday early morning! That's been the story for me anyway! Good luck! We love you. Happy Birthday!! Eat your heart out tonight...and you know what I want you to eat! :p

Bryan and Heidi said...

I'm going to say May 23rd in the evening. Gentry came the day before Bryan's b-day because she wanted Bry to have his day to himself also. Good luck, we hope everything goes well. Oh, and Happy B-day!