Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

That's what my kids call it.

It's actually the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Brock is trying to finish his Bear in scouts and he had to plan a family outing. The kids had early release last Wednesday so he decided we should go to the Museum. The kids loved it! The dinosaurs were a big hit. Little E is still asking me, "Mom did you see that T-Rex?" She'll say it out of the blue as we are driving down the road or when I'm making her lunch. She and I also found the biggest puzzle ever, and she put it together all by herself, at the end she said "I did it, all by myself". It was fun to watch their faces as they experienced each new thing. Brod didn't want to leave he was having so much fun. Kiki's favorite was panning for gold, she put hers in a jar and took it to school to share with her class. Brock loved it all but I think he really enjoyed being in the jail cell. What should I learn from that? Thanks for a fun trip to the museum Brock, we had a blast!

This is my biggest fear, E's little face says exactly how I feel!

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Kelly said...

That place looks fun!! Brody is so dang cute in that pic with the rocker hands up!! :)