Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Saturday...what a day!

Saturday May 2, 2009

7:30am - Temple to seal my Dad to his parents
11:00am - Brock's Football game
12:00pm - Brody to cousin Jehryn's Birthday party
1:00pm - Kenley to friend Alexis's Baptism
2:50pm - Brody to Let's Play Music End of the Year Program
4:15pm - Kenley to Let's Play Music End of the Year Program
6:00pm - Dinner with family at El Ricos (YUMMY)

Needless to say I was not able to change from the dress I wore to the Temple until I got home at 7:30pm. Twelve hours in a dress and hills, not great on a pregnant woman's body!

The Temple was wonderful. I love sealings, it helps you remember your own sealing. It was such a blessing to be able to participate in my Dad's. He past away 2 years ago and my Aunt Barbie (my Dad's sister in the picture below) helped us so much in getting his work done. She and her daughter Robin were able to come to share the day with us. My parents were also able to come and do some sealings with us. It was great to be in the Temple with my brother and sister, sharing something that has been so important to us for so many years. I remember as kids we would write our testimonies in Book of Mormons and give them to my Dad in hopes that one day he would come back to the church. Before he died he was doing all he could to come back and just didn't have enough time. It was such a great feeling to sit in the Temple and know that all his blessings had been restored and know that is what he wanted.

Only 2 1/2 more weeks!!! Can you tell we are a little excited?

Brock's football game was a great one! We have not had a very good season. Even though they have not won a game they still go out there and try their best. Brock has really enjoyed playing and it shows. He pays attention, watches and learns. His coach saw it as well and started to play him more. Through the season Brock had a couple near touch downs, but never quite got there. Well, that was until Saturday May 2nd, 2009. He scored his first touch down with only 2 seconds left in the game. They won their first game and Brock was beaming from ear to ear! I got a few pictures of the beginning of his run but got too excited that I started jumping up and down and forgot to keep snapping. His face as he walks over to us after the game says it all. I love that our little Kiki is so excited for him also.

Let's Play Music, I love the program!!! Miss Chanda is a great teacher. I can't believe how much Kenley has learn in the last three years. She ended the year composing her own song and playing it from memory. She really did a great job! Brody started his first year this year and played the bells in his program. They sang a bunch of fun songs that help them to learn rhythms and sounds of notes and chords. Before we left Brody said "I'm worried I might have stage fright". It was so cute, he got right up there though and had not a worry in the world. They both did so good preforming.

It was a crazy day and I was pooped by the end but I loved every minute!


Melanie and Jarom said...

Busy woman! I LOVE the pics with the pregos in front of the temple. And the one of you and Dustin so excited. Can't wait to meet little Briley! (thats still the name right?) I want to see the nursery too! Oh and next season, we want an invite to Brock's games- there is nothing I love more than cute little guys playing football! That is awesome he got a TD! Way to go Brocker!

Kelly said...

WOW! What a day! Your belly is looking ready! Any day now!! El Rico is yummy huh?? I love there b/c burros. What a cute family you guys have!

Mauzy Fam said...

Yes! What a crazy day! Glad you made it through without going into labor. Or maybe that's what you wanted!

Aunt Barbie said...

Thank you Amy and Dustin for all you do. It's about time your Aunt Barbie commented. I finally found your blog address. Beter late than never. It was a busy day, here and in heaven. The pictures at the temple and the children's activites are terrific. Your blog is genealogy in action. How Heavenly Father is very pleased with your love of family, friends and life.
Aunt Barbie and Robin too!