Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who remembers these???

My mom used to make me wear them, and now Kiki begs me to put them in her hair. And of course little E wants to be just like her big sister. Don't they look so cute?

Saturday is a special day it's the day you get ready for Sunday!


heather said...

I remember them! Although my mom never had to put those in my hair. When the girls at school would curl their hair, I would straighten mine. We want what we can't have.

cute girls

Jenn said...

I love those! Every Saturday night Mel and I slept in those- I can still remember how they smell.... How cute they are- Embry does NOT look like a baby at all anymore! Good thing, since she's about to be replaced with a new baby. :)

Van and Rhonda said...

Oh how cute they look! Man that brings back memories of you girls. It was a Saturday night tradition. I remember Amy doing your hair in sponge curlers for Stars. Remember that? Your hair had to be done a certain way. You used to live in pink curlers. I loved those days. And now my sweet little grandaughters are wearing them. Love it!!! I love you guys! Can't wait until baby number 5 comes.

renhallows said...

We still use those curlers at our home as well...the girls love them, except sleeping on them.

ps I would take the bees over the scorpions as well. Just a few days after you found one and was stung..we found one on my girls bed right next to their pillow. Luckily we got it before it got one of them.

They really stink!