Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leave it all behind

It's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. We had so much fun at the cabin for Labor Day. The weather was beautiful and the kids spent almost every waking hour outside. Brody played on the trailer the entire time and was dirty from head to toe the whole trip, I'm surprised his clothes came clean. Brock, Caden and a friend from another cabin built a TP and fire pit, and Kenley, Maija and Mikki added their girly touch to the campsite. It was nice to see them working together and having so much fun. Embry loved the swing, we still don't trust her enough to let her ride by herself so she took turns with Mom and Dad. She couldn't get enough of being outside and would often say "outside me?" Her Aunt Kirsi took her for a walk and made her a darling flower crown. I could just eat her up she looked so sweet! Dustin and I loved watching our kiddos use their imaginations. I wish life wasn't so busy.

A friend of mine does something on her blog that I want to start doing. She posts about being grateful, at the end of most of her posts she writes the things that she is grateful for that day or just in her life. I hope it's okay that I steal your idea Lisa! It's been very uplifting for me to read. It's not always easy to remember the things that you are grateful for at the end of a long hard day, so today I start being grateful!

I am grateful for great friends that teach you to be grateful. That my family is healthy and safe. I've been reading about Christian and Stephanie Nielson who were in a plane crash and were both burned very badly. Their kids are under the care of family and probably won't be able to see their parents for many months (if you're curious click on the c jane link on my blog). I am grateful that I get to see my kids everyday, except for Brock, he's hunting with his daddy right now. I'm grateful for the Ensign and the inspiring stories that touch my life and my heart. I'm grateful that I was able to watch my newborn nephew today and smell the sweet smell of a brand new baby. And lastly for my comfy bed, but not for the mosquitoes that keep me up all night swatting and scratching. Wow, It's late! One more, I'm grateful for this sweet face that puts a smile on my face every morning no matter what time I went to bed.


heather said...

such a darling face! love the thoughts Amez.

Jenn said...

LOVE the crown of flowers! Looks like you had a relaxing and fun Labor Day. And thanks for the words of gratitude.

Van and Rhonda said...

Just love all the pictures! Embry girl you are one beautiful girl with that crown on your head. I would love to wake up to that face every morning too! It's adorable. All of my grandkids are so cute and I love to that they all play together so nice! Glad you had a great weekend!