Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Little E!

Our little E had a birthday today!

I remember the day she was born so clearly

Her labor progressed so quickly there was not time for an epidural

Lucky for me she came fast

Here she is, a few hours old

A few days old

One year old

Two years old
The years have gone so fast, I wish I could rewind and start again

At the same time I look forward to watching you grow even bigger


The day started with breakfast in bed

She wasn't to happy about being woke up with "Happy Birthday to YOU"

As soon as she saw the presents we saw that smile again

She, however, did not want to eat her breakfast in bed and insisted we go to the table to eat and open presents

After church we had all our family over to celebrate
Dinner, cake, ice cream and presents
We know how to do it right
The first round of blowing out the candles wasn't quite what she thought it would be, her sweet cousin Bryce, that she absolutely adores, was quicker on the draw. So we re-lit and tried again, she got 'em.

Thank you everyone who came, she loved all her gifts

Dear Little E,

You have grown so much this year! You love to ride bikes, you learned how to pedal the princess tricycle and are all over the driveway. You still love puzzles and added two more to your collection this birthday. Some other things you love are babies, shoes, dressing your self, cheese sticks, juice, pizza, cheese sandwiches, chips, dress up (you are always in a princess dress), jumping on the trampoline, playing outside, backpacks, new clothes, necklaces, bracelets, Dora, Max and Ruby, bouncy balls, the list could go on and on. We love you Little E. Our home would not be as fun without you! We all love how you talk and your Embryisms, you always put a smile on our faces. I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for trusting me to raise you, you are such a special little girl!




Mama Corleone said...

How sweet! What a lucky family you are to have such a wonderful little girl.

heather said...

they do grow so fast! I love how everyone in any picture of someone blowing out candles, looks like they're blowing them out too! (that was confusing!) happy birthday embry!!!

the bates motel said...

such a cutie! happy bday embry!